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P. C. Publications "Beginning Self-Teaching Computer Lessons"
Prentice-Hall "The PET Personal Computer for Beginners", S. Dunn and V. Morgan
Reston Publishing Co. "PET and the IEEE 488 Bus (GPIB)", Eugene Fisher and C. W. Jensen
"PET BASIC-Training Your PET Computer", Roman Zamora, Wm. F. Carrie, and B. Allbrecht
"PET Games and Recreation", M. Ogelsby, L. Lindsey, and D. Kunkin
"PET BASIC", Richard Huskell
"VIC Games and Recreation"
Telmas Courseware Ratigns "BASIC and the Personal Computer", T. A. Dwyer and M. Critchfield
Total Information Services "Understanding Your PET/CBM, Vol. 1, BASIC Programming"
"Understanding Your VIC", David Schultz

Commodore Magazines provide you with the most up-to-date information for your Commodore 64. Two of the most popular publications that you should seriously consider subscribing to are:

COMMODORE-The Microcomputer Magazine is published bimonthly and is available by subscription ($15.00 per year, U.S., and $25.00 per year, worldwide).

POWER/PLAY-The Home Computer Magazine is, published quarterly and is available by subscription ($10.00 per year, U.S,, and $15.00 per year worldwide).

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