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TYPE: String Function
FORMAT: TAB (<numeric>)

Action: The TAB function moves the cursor to a relative SPC move position on the screen given by the <numeric> argument, starting with the left-most position of the current line. The value of the argument can range from 0 to 255. The TAB function should only be used with the PRINT statement, since it has no effect if used with PRINT# to a logical file.

EXAMPLE of TAB Function:
   110 INPUT#1, NAM$, AMT$
   120 PRINT NAM$ TAB(25) AMT$

   NAME                         AMOUNT

   G.T. JONES                   25.


TYPE: Floating-Point Function
FORMAT: TAN (<numeric>)

Action: Returns the tangent of the value of the <numeric> expression in radians. If the TAN function overflows, the BASIC error message ?DIVISION BY ZERO is displayed.

EXAMPLE of TAN Function:

   10 XX=.785398163: YY=TAN(XX):PRINT YY


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