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Drawing a Commodore sprite is like coloring the empty spaces in a coloring book. Every sprite consists of tiny dots called pixels. To draw a sprite, all you have to do is "color in" some of the pixels.

Look at the spritemaking grid in Figure 3-6. This is what a blank sprite looks like:

Figure 3-6. Spritemaking grid.

Each little "square" represents one pixel in the sprite. There are 24 pixels across and 21 pixels up and down, or 504 pixels in the entire sprite. To make the sprite look like something, you have to color in these pixels using a special PROGRAM... but how can you control over 500 individual pixels? That's where computer programming can help you. In- stead of typing 504 separate numbers, you only have to type 63 numbers for each sprite. Here's how it works...

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