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LINE 25:
FORS2=12352 TO 12414 The second shape of sprite zero is defined by the DATA which is located at locations 12352 to 12414. NOTE that location 12351 is SKIPPED... this is the 64th location which is used in the definition of the first sprite group but does not contain any of the sprite data numbers. Just remember when defining sprites in consecutive locations that you will use 64 locations, but only POKE sprite data into the first 63 locations.
READQ2 Reads the 63 numbers which follow the numbers we used for the first sprite shape. This READ simply looks for the very next number in the DATA area and starts reading 63 numbers, one at a time.
POKES2,Q2 Pokes the data (Q2) into the memory locations (S2) for our second sprite shape, which begins at location 12352.
NEXT Same use as line 20 above.
LINE 30:
FORS3=12416 TO 12478 The third shape of sprite zero is defined by the DATA to be located at locations 12416 to 12478.
READQ3Reads last 63 numbers in order as Q3.
POKES3,Q3 Pokes those numbers into locations 12416 to 12478.
NEXT Same as lines 20 and 25.
LINE 35:
POKEV+39,15 Sets color for sprite 0 to light grey.
POKEV+1,68 Sets the upper right hand corner of the sprite square to vertical (Y) position 68. For the sake of comparison, position 50 is the top lefthand corner Y position on the viewing screen.

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