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LINE 40:
PRINTTAB(160) Tabs 160 spaces from the top lefthand CHARACTER SPACE on the screen, which is the same as 4 rows beneath the clear command... this starts your PRINT message on the 6th line down on the screen.
"{white} Hold down the <CTRL> key and press the key marked <WHT> at the same time. If you do this inside quotation marks, a "reversed E" will appear. This sets the color to everything PRINTed from then on to WHITE.
I AM THE DANCING MOUSE! This is a simple PRINT statement.
{light blue}" This sets the color back to light blue when the PRINT statement ends. Holding down <C=> and <7> a at the same time inside quotation marks causes a "reversed diamond symbol" to appear.
LINE 45:
P=192 Sets the variable P equal to 192. This number 192 is the pointer you must use, in this case to "point" sprite 0 to the memory locations that begin at location 12288. Changing this pointer to the locations of the other two sprite shapes is the secret of using one sprite to create an animation that is actually three different shapes.
LINE 50:
FORX=0TO347 STEP3 Steps the movement of your sprite 3 X positions at a time (to provide fast movement) from position 0 to position 347.

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