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By the way, in addition to everything here you can pick up a lot of other creative and practical ideas by signing up with a local Commodore Users' Club, subscribing to the COMMODORE and POWER/PLAY magazines, and joining the COMMODORE INFORMATION NETWORK on CompuServeTM.

ACTION PACKED GAMES You can get real Bally Midway arcade games like Omega Race, Gorf and Wizard of War, as well as "play and learn" games like Math Teacher 1, Home Babysitter and Commodore Artist.
ADVERTISING & MERCHANDISING Hook your COMMODORE 64 to a TV, put it in a store window with a flashing, animated, and musical message and you've got a great point of purchase store display.
ANIMATION Commodore's Sprite Graphics allow you to create real cartoons with 8 different levels so that shapes can move in front of or behind each other.
BABYSITTING The COMMODORE 64 HOME BABYSITTER cartridge can keep your youngest child occupied for hours and teach alphabet/ keyboard recognition at the same time. It also teaches special learning concepts and relationships.
BASIC PROGRAMMING Your COMMODORE 64 USER'S GUIDE and the TEACH YOURSELF PROGRAMMING series of books and tapes offer an excellent starting point.
The COMMODORE 64 offers the "Easy" series of business aids including the most powerful word processor and largest spreadsheet available for any personal computer.
COMMUNICATION Enter the fascinating world of computer "net- working." If you hook a VICMODEM to your COMMODORE 64 you can communicate with other computer owners all around the world.

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