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Not only that, if you join the COMMODORE INFORMATION NETWORK on CompuServeTM you can get the latest news and updates on all Commodore products, financial information, shop at home services, you can even play games with the friends you make through the information systems you join.
COMPOSING SONGS The COMMODORE 64 is equipped with the most sophisticated built-in music synthesizer available on any computer. It has three completely programmable voices, nine full music octaves, and four controllable waveforms. Look for Commodore Music Cartridges and Commodore Music books to help you create or reproduce all kinds of music and sound effects.
CP/M* Commodore offers a CP/M* add-on and access to software through an easy-to-load cartridge.
DEXTERITY TRAINING Hand/Eye coordination and manual dexterity are aided by several Commodore games... including "Jupiter lander" and night driving simulation.
EDUCATION While working with a computer is an education in itself, The COMMODORE Educational Resource Book contains general information on the educational uses of computers. We also have a variety of learning cartridges designed to teach everything from music to math and art to astronomy.
FOREIGN LANGUAGE The COMMODORE 64 programmable character set lets you replace the standard character set with user defined foreign language characters.
GRAPHICS AND ART In addition to the Sprite Graphics mentioned above, the COMMODORE 64 offers high-resolution, multi-color graphics plotting, programmable

* CP/M is a Registered trademark of Digital Research, Inc.
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