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The Microcomputer Magazine

Widely read by educators, businessmen and students, as well as home computerists, COMMODORE Magazine is our main vehicle for sharing exclusive information on the more technical use of Commodore systems. Regular departments cover business, science and education, programming tips, "excerpts from a technical notebook," and many other features of interest to anyone who uses or is thinking about purchasing Commodore equipment for business, scientific or educational applications. COMMODORE is the ideal complement to POWER/PLAY. Published bimonthly. Subscription price: $15.00 per year.



The magazine of the future is here. To supplement and enhance your subscription to POWER/PLAY and COMMODORE magazines, the COMMODORE INFORMATION NETWORK - our "paperless magazine" - is available now over the telephone using your Commodore computer and modem.

Join our computer club, get help with a computing problem, "talk" to other Commodore friends, or get up-to-the-minute information on new products, software and educational resources. Soon you will even be able to save yourself the trouble of typing in the program listings you find in POWER/PLAY or COMMODORE by downloading direct from the Information Network (a new user service planned for early 1983). The best part is that most of the answers are there before you even ask the questions. (How's that for service?)

To call our electronic magazine you need only a modem and a subscription to CompuServeTM, one of the nation's largest telecommunications networks. (To make it easy for you Commodore includes a FREE year's subscription to CompuServeTM in each VICMODEM package.) Just dial your local number for the CompuServeTM data bank and connect your phone to the modem. When the CompuServeTM video text appears on your screen type G CBM on your computer keyboard. When the COMMODORE INFORMATION NETWORK'S table of contents, or "menu," appears on your screen choose from one of our sixteen departments, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the paperless magazine other magazines are writing about.

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