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SIMULATIONS Computer simulations let you conduct dangerous or expensive experiments at minimum risk and cost.
SPORTS DATA The SourceTM and CompuServeTM both offer sports information which you can get using your COMMODORE 64 and a VICMODEM.
STOCK QUOTES With a VICMODEM and a subscription to any of the appropriate network services, your COMMODORE 64 becomes your own private stock ticker.

These are just a few of the many applications for you and your COMMODORE 64. As you can see, for work or play, at home, in school or the office, your COMMODORE 64 gives you a practical solution for just about any need.

Commodore wants you to know that our support for users only STARTS with your purchase of a Commodore computer. That's why we've created two publications with Commodore information from around the world, and a "two-way" computer information network with valuable input for users in the U.S. and Canada from coast to coast.

In addition, we wholeheartedly encourage and support the growth of Commodore Users' Clubs around the world. They are an excellent source of information for every Commodore computer owner from the beginner to the most advanced. The magazines and network, which are more fully described below, have the most up-to-date information about how to get involved with the Users' Club in your area.

Finally, your local Commodore dealer is a useful source of Commodore support and information.

The Home Computer Magazine

When it comes to entertainment, learning at home and practical home applications, POWER/PLAY is THE prime source of information for Commodore home users. Find out where your nearest user clubs are and what they're doing, learn about software, games, programming techniques, telecommunications, and new products. POWER/PLAY is your personal connection to other Commodore users, outside software and hardware developers, and to Commodore itself. Published quarterly. Only $10.00 for a year of home computing excitement.

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