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System Specification for C65Fred BowenMarch 1, 1991


    *               Token = AC          multiplication
    +               Token = AA          addition
    -               Token = AB          subtraction
    /               Token = AD          division
    <               Token = B3          less-than
    =               Token = B2          equal
    >               Token = B1          greater-than
    ^               Token = AE          exponentiation

    (PI)            Token = FF          return value of PI

    ABS             Token = B6          absolute function
    AND             Token = AF          logical AND operator
    APPEND          Token = FE, 0E      append file
    ASC             Token = C6          string to PETSCII function
    ATN             Token = C1          trigometric arctangent function
    AUTO            Token = DC          auto line numbering
    BACKGROUND      Token = FE, 3B      background color
    BACKUP          Token = F6          backup diskette
    BANK            Token = FE, 02      memory bank selection
    BEGIN           Taken = FE, 18      start logical program block
    BEND            Token = FE, 19      end logical program block
    BLOAD           Token = FE, 11      binary load file from diskette
    BOOT            Token = FE, 1B      load & run ML, or BASIC autoboot
    BORDER          Token = FE, 3C      border color
    BOX             Token = E1          draw graphic box
    BSAVE           Token = FE, 10      binary save to disk file
    BUMP            Token = CE, 03      sprite collision function
    BVERIFY         Token = FE, 28      verify memory to binary file
    CATALOG         Token = FE, 0C      disk directory
    CHANGE          Token = FE, 2C      edit program
    CHAR            Token = E0          display characters on screen
    CHR$            Token = C7          PETSCII to string finction
    CIRCLE          Token = E2          draw graphic circle
    CLOSE           Token = A0          close channel or file
    CLR             Token = 9C          clear BASIC variables, etc.
    CMD             Token = 9D          set output channel
    COLLECT         Token = F3          validate diskette (chkdsk)
    COLLISION       Token = FE, 17      enable BASIC event
    COLOR           Token = E7          set screen colors
    CONCAT          Token = FE, 13      concatenate two disk files
    CONT            Token = 9A          continue BASIC program execution
    COPY            Token = F4          copy a disk file
    COS             Token = BE          trigometric cosine function
    CUT             Token = E4          cut graphic area
    DATA            Token = 83          pre-define BASIC program data
    DCLEAR          Token = FE, 15      mild reset of disk drive
    DCLOSE          Token = FE, 0F      close disk channel or file
    DEC             Token = D1          decimal function
    DEF             Token = 96          define user function
    DELETE          Token = F7          delete BASIC lines or disk file
    DIM             Token = 86          dimension BASIC array
    DIR             Token = EE          disk directory
    DISK            Token = FE, 40      send disk special command

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