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System Specification for C65Fred BowenMarch 1, 1991

    DLOAD           Token = F0          load BASIC program from disk
    DMA             Token = FE,1F       define & execute DMA command
    DMA             Token = FE,21       "
    DMA             Token = FE,23       "
    DMODE           Token = FE,35       set graphic draw mode
    DO              Token = EB          start BASIC loop
    DOPEN           Token = FE,0D       open channel to disk file
    DPAT            Token = FE,36       set graphic draw pattern
    DSAVE           Token = EF          save BASIC program to disk
    DVERIFY         Token = FE,14       verify BASIC memory to file
    ELLIPSE         Token = FE,30       draw graphic ellipse
    ELSE            Token = D5          if/then/else clause
    END             Token = 80          end of BASIC program
    ENVELOPE        Token = FE,0A       define musical instrument
    ERASE           Token = FE,2A       delete disk file
    ERR$            Token = D3          BASIC error function
    EXIT            Token = ED          exit BASIC loop
    EXP             Token = BD          exponentiation function
    FAST            Token = FE,25       set system speed to maximum
    FILTER          Token = FE,03       set audio filter parameters
    FIND            Token = FE,2B       hunt for string in BASIC program
    FN              Token = A5          define user function
    FOR             Token = 81          start BASIC for/next loop
    FOREGROUND      Token = FE,39       set foreground color
    FRE             Token = B8          available memory function
    GCOPY           Token = FE,32       graphic copy
    GENLOCK         Token = FE,38       set video sync mode
    GET             Token = A1          receive a byte of input
    GO              Token = CB          program branch
    GOSUB           Token = 8D          program subroutine call
    GOTO            Token = 89          program branch
    GRAPHIC         Token = DE          set graphic mode
    HEADER          Token = F1          format a diskette
    HELP            Token = EA          display BASIC line causing error
    HEX$            Token = D2          return hexidecimal string function
    HIGHLIGHT       Token = FE,3D       set highlight color
    IF              Token = 8B          if/then/else conditional
    INPUT           Token = 85          recieve input data from keyboard
    INPUT#          Token = 84          recieve input data from channel (file)
    INSTR           Token = D4          locate a string within a string
    INT             Token = B5          integer function
    JOY             Token = CF          joystick position function
    KEY             Token = F9          define or display function key
    LEFT$           Token = C8          leftmost substring function
    LEN             Token = C3          length of string function
    LET             Token = 88          variable assignment
    LINE            Token = E5          draw graphic line, input line
    LIST            Token = 9B          list BASIC program
    LOAD            Token = 93          load program from disk
    LOCATE          Token = E6                  (currently unimplemented)
    LOG             Token = BC          natural log function
    LOOP            Token = EC          end of do/loop
    LPEN            Token = CE,04       lightpen position function
    MID$            Token = CA          substring function
    MONITOR         Token = FA          enter ML Monitor mode
    MOUSE           Token = FE,3E       set mouse parameters
    MOVSPR          Token = FE,06       set sprite position and speed
    NEW             Token = A2          clear BASIC program area

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