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System Specification for C65Fred BowenMarch 1, 1991

    SQR             Token = BA          square root function
    STEP            Token = A9          for-next step increment
    STOP            Token = 90          halt BASIC program
    STR$            Token = C4          string representation of number function
    SYS             Token = 9E          call ML routine
    TAB(            Token = A3          tab position in printed output
    TAN             Token = C0          trigometric tangent function
    TEMPO           Token = FE,05       set tempo (speed) of music.play
    THEN            Token = A7          if/then/else clause
    TO              Token = A4                  (subcommand)
    TRAP            Token = D7          define BASIC error handler
    TROFF           Token = D9          BASIC trace mode disable
    TRON            Token = D8          BASIC trace mode enable
    TYPE            Token = FE,27       display sequential disk file
    UNTIL           Token = FC          do/loop conditional
    USING           Token = FB          define print output format
    USR             Token = B7          call user ML function.
    VAL             Token = C5          numeric value of a string function
    VERIFY          Token = 95          compare memory to disk file
    VIEWPORT        Token = FE,31               (currently unimplemented)
    VOL             Token = DB          set audio volume
    WAIT            Token = 92          pause program pending memory condition
    WHILE           Token = FD          do/loop contitional
    WIDTH           Token = FE,1C               (currently unimplemented)
    WINDOW          Token = FE,1A       set text screen display window
    XOR             Token = CE,08       logical xor function

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