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System Specification for C65Fred BowenMarch 1, 1991

    NEXT            Token = 82          end of for-next loop
    NOT             Token = A8          logical complement function
    OFF             Token = FE,24               (subcommand)
    ON              Token = 91          multiple branch or subcommand
    OPEN            Token = 9F          open 1/0 channel
    OR              Token = B0          logical or function
    PAINT           Token = DF          graphic flood-fill
    PALETTE         Taken = FE,34       set palette color
    PASTE           Token = E3          draw graphic area from cut buffer
    PEEK            Token = C2          return memory byte function
    PEN             Token = FE,33       set graphic pen color
    PIC             Token = FE,37       graphic subcommand
    PLAY            Token = FE,04       play musical notes from string
    POINTER         Token = CE,0A       address of string var function
    POKE            Token = 97          change memory byte
    POLYGON         Token = FE,2F       draw graphic pologon
    POS             Token = B9          text cursor position function
    POT             Token = CE,02       return paddle position
    PRINT           Token = 99          display data on text screen
    PRINT#          Token = 98          send data to channel (file)
    PUDEF           Token = D0          define print-using symbols
    QUIT            Token = FE,1E               (currently unimplemented)
    RCLR            Token = CD                  (currently unimplemented)
    RDOT            Token = D0                  (currently unimplemented)
    RF-AD           Token = 87          read Program pre-defined program data
    RECORD          Token = FE,12       set Relative disk file record pointer
    REM             Token = 8F          BASIC program comment
    RENAME          Token = F5          rename disk file
    RENUMBER        Token = F8          renumber BASIC program lines
    RESTORE         Token = 8C          set DATA pointer, subcommand
    RESUME          Token = D6          resume BASIC program after trap
    RETURN          Token = 8E          end of subroutine call
    RGR             Token = CC                  (currently unimplemented)
    RIGHT$          Token = C9          rightmost substring function
    RMOUSE          Token = FE,3F       read mouse position
    RND             Token = BB          pseudo random number function
    RREG            Token = FE,09       return processor registers after SYS
    RSPCOLOR        Token = CE,07       return sprite color function
    RSPPOS          Token = CE,05       return sprite position function
    RSPRITE         Token = CE,06       return sprite parameter function
    RUN             Token = 8A          run BASIC program from memory or disk
    RWINDOW         Token = CE,09       return text window parameter function
    SAVE            Token = 94          save BASIC program to disk
    SCALE           Token = E9                  (currently unimplemented)
    SCNCLR          Token = E8          erase text or graphic display
    SCRATCH         Token = F2          delete disk file
    SCREEN          Token = FE,2E       set parameters or open graphic screen
    SET             Token = FE,2D       set system parameter, subcommand
    SGN             Token = B4          return sign of number function
    SIN             Token = BF          trigometric.sine function
    SLEEP           Token = FE,0B       pause BASIC program for time period
    SLOW            Token = FE,26       set system speed to minimum
    SOUND           Token = DA          perform sound effects
    SPC             Token = A6          skip spaces in printed output
    SPRCOLOR        Token = FE,08       set multicolor sprite colors
    SPRDEF          Token = FE,1D               (currently unimplemented)
    SPRITE          Token = FE,07       set sprite parameters
    SPRSAV          Token = FE,16       set or copy sprite definition

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