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Built-in extended BASIC 3.5 - over 75 commands. Built-in Machine Language monitor - over 12 commands. Built-in graphics and sound commands. Screen windwos capability. Reset button (Warm start). Built-in integrated productivity software.


C1551 Fast Disk drive, C1531 Datasette, MPS 802 Dot matrix printer, MPS 803 Dot matrix printer, DPS 1101 Daisy wheel printer, C1802 Color monitor.


C1541 Disk drive, MPS 801 Dot matrix printer, C1702 color monitor.


The Plus 4 system is based on the 7501 microprocessor, an HMOS version of the 6510. Video processing in achieved by the 7360 TED chip. 64K bytes of dynamic RAM are accomplished by 8 (64K x 1) I.C.'s. (See page 9). The system program is contained in 2 (16K x 8) ROMs. The system supports up to 128K x 8 of ROM banked in 17K sections. By software control, through the 7360, ROM can be completely banked out and RAM banked in for a true 64K of RAM (minus 256 byte pages), allowing 60,671 bytes available for BASIC.

Keyboard and joystic scanning are accomplesd by outputting the row data on the data bus while addressing a particular register in the TED chip. This will in turn cause the TED chip to latch the column information.

A standard serial port support serial bus peripherals such as the 1541 disk drive and the various serial printers. A cassette port is provided and the expansion port supports ROM cartridges. TTL serial ASCII is inteded to drive an RS-232 adapter.

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