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Volume 5, issue 4 (April, 1984)

Table of Contents
The UNIX Software Directory45
A comprehensive listing of over 300 programs from over 100 sources
Ian F. Darwin
UNIX Software Vendors [Primary Sources]55
A cross-referenced guide of UNIX vendor addresses
Upgrading to IEEE Compability62
Upgrading the N*ZPB to meet the IEEE-696/S-100 standard, while not easy, is a rewarding task
Leonard Moskowitz
MS-DOS 2.0: An Overview, Part 268
Program development under a manu-faceted system: the programmer's interface to MS-DOS, program file structure, and field-installable device drivers
William G. Wong
UniPlus+ on the Apple LISA87
A UNIX system III, porter for the Apple LISA, that is low priced and expands the functionality of LISA hardware
Randy Reitz
Informix: A Database Manager for UNIX93
This well-rounded and mature database management system includes a heavy-hitting report generator and a genuine star called PERFORM
Bill Machrone
C Compiler from Digital Research101
DRI's key to portability of their software development tools
Bruce H. Hunter
Editor's Page8
The next battle in the DOS war
Sol Libes
News and Views13
Concurrent CP/M 4.0, Microsoft announces MSX-DOS, 32-bit update, Osborne files reorganization plan
Sol Libes
The S-100 Bus18
Phantoming and bank selecting
Dave Hardy
The UNIX File24
Networking the UNIX way: how to access a network and the services it provides
Ian F. Darwin
Letters to the Editor34
This month... more about error handling in Nevada Fortran, plus corrections from our readers
The CP/M Bus37
A new Forth implementation has upgraded FIG-Forth to use BDOS and CP/M files
Randy Reitz
Software Directory108
Investment Matrix, CLIP, Software Tools, File Encryptor, EUREKA!, Order Entry/Inventory Package, UniFLEX Basic 68000 Precompiler, General Ledger Package, Professional Time Reporting Package
New Products112
Intelligent LAN, Line conditioning systems, Microprocessor viewer for debugging, Inforunner's Riteman printer
From the Sidelines114
Building a PC clone
Hank Kee

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