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William G. Wong

Magazine articles
BYTEVolume 10, issue 10 (October, 1985)TLC-LISP
MicrosystemsVolume 4, issue 8 (August, 1983)LISP for CP/M
 Volume 4, issue 10 (October, 1983)An Introduction to Local Area Networks: Part I
 Volume 4, issue 10 (October, 1983)A Low-Cost Local Network for Microcomputers
 Volume 4, issue 10 (October, 1983)CP/NET: The CP/M Network Operating System
 Volume 4, issue 11 (November, 1983)Microsystems Reviews: The New 16-Bit Super Microcomputers
 Volume 4, issue 11 (November, 1983)An Introduction to Local Area Networks: Part II
 Volume 4, issue 12 (December, 1983)Microsystems Reviews: Three More Lisps for CP/M
 Volume 5, issue 1 (January, 1984)Prolog: A Tutorial/Review
 Volume 5, issue 1 (January, 1984)Adding Concurrency to MP/M II
 Volume 5, issue 3 (March, 1984)MS-DOS: An Overview, Part 1
 Volume 5, issue 4 (April, 1984)MS-DOS 2.0: An Overview, Part 2
 Volume 5, issue 7 (July, 1984)Graphics Portability with Digital Research's GSX

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