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Issue 11 (July, 1976): the small systems journal

Table of Contents
Coincident Current Ferrite Core Memories6
James R. Jones
Explore an 8080 with Educator-808022
Charles P. Howerton
The "Ignorance Is Bliss" Television Drive Circuit38
Ken Barbier
Why Wait? Build A Fast Casette Interface46
Robert Suding
Assembling a Sphere18
Bruce A. Anderson
Machine Language Programming for the "8080" and similar microcomputers - Chapter 130
Nat Wadsworth
Put The "Do Everything" Chip in Your Next Design40
Robert W. Baker
Surplus Electronics in Tokyo and Manila54
Michael N. Hayes
Make Your Own Printed Circuits58
James Hogenson
A Plot Is Incomplete Without Characters64
Richard J. Lerseth
In This Byte2
The Trend Towards Hassle Free Computing4
Carl Helmers
Tool Box39
Robert W. Baker
BYTE's Bits44, 79
Election Program
New Hope For Computer Phreaques
Some Electronics Industry News
Software Availabiliy Note: Perspective Plot Package (in ANSI FORTRAN Language)
Good Grief!74
What's New?76, 102
Itty Bitty Computer's Tiny BASIC for the 6800
Will You Look at That?
But It's New to Me
Software Bug of the Month 281
W. Douglas Maurer
What Happened at Trenton May 283
Clubs, Newsletters86
Ask BYTE95
Reader's Service96
Classified Ads98
BYTE's Bugs100
Patching the Biorhyrhm Porgram (April)
How to Do It Better - Controlloing External Devices With Hobbyist Computers (April)
Book Reviews104

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