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Volume 10, issue 3 (March, 1985)

Table of Contents
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Touch-Tone Interactive Message System98
An autodialer, DTMF decoder, and speech synthesizer in an answering machine
Steve Ciarcia
Product Description: Factfinder113
A flexible, text-oriented database
John Markoff
Arithmetic on Your PC119
Use strings and arrays to perform operations on 200-digit numebers
Peter Rice
Build a Serial Card129
You'll save $85 by doing it yourself
Robert Kong Win Chang
Two Flat-Display Technologies130
Gas-plasma panels and electroluminescent displays
Richard S. Shuford
Navigation: Putting the Microcomputer to Work at Sea141
A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to do some navigating for the U.S. Navy. At that time, I had to use a variety of instruments and consult several books of tables to chart my course. Now, with a portable microcomputer and a few navigation instruments you can find your way across any ocean.
Not long ago, only large ships could carry computers with the precision to navigate. Now, navgators of the smallest sailing craft have precise, low-power microcomputer systems available.
Frederic N. Rounds
A Unit-Conversion Algorithm151
A unique algorithm for problem solving
David L. Kahn
Build Your Dream Editor171
Some inexpensive programming editors are quite powerful and highly customizable
Steve McMahon
The Commodore 64 80-Column Terminal183
If you've got an EPROM programmer handy, build this modification for the Commodore 64
John C. Field, Greg Richards, Eric Beenfeldt
The Kit Solution193
The 8-MHz 16-bit Slicer
Laine Stump
Public-Domain Gems207
A selection of free and nearly free software for the IBM PC and the Macintosh
John Markoff, Ezra Shapiro
An XLISP Tutorial221
This public-domain language lets you experiment with artificial intelligence
David Betz
Budget 3-D Graphics240
Tom Clune
Reviewer's Notebook245
Glenn Hartwig
The Altos 586 with the XENIX Development System247
Despite some bugs, it's a good product
Greg Corson
A business computer with MS-DOS and color graphics
John D. Unger
Atari 800XL267
A new look for an old friend
Jon Edwards
Dazzle Draw277
Paint with 16 colors on an Apple IIc or 128K IIe
Gregg Williams
The KoalaPad283
An inexpensive input device without a keyboard
Donald R. Osgood
FriendlyWriter and FriendlySpeller289
A useful but limited word processor
Steven D. Ryals
Tecmar's jrCaptain299
Expand the memory on your IBM PCjr
Glenn Hartwig
Review Feedback303
Computing at Chaos Manor: On the Road: Hackercon and COMDEX313
Hackers, Chuck Moore, MacVision, Hyperdrive, The Hacker Ethic, COMDEX, DB Master, Fast Finder, Animation Toolkit, Professional BASIC, Smartline Smartboard and CD ROM
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail349
Jerry Pournelle
BYTE West Coast: Up to Date355
Hackers gather together and a new product from Digital Research
John Markoff, Phillip Robinson, Ezra Shapiro
BYTE U.K.: Multitasking FORTH363
Two British versions and a FORTH-based computer
Dick Pountain
BYTE Japan: A Sampler375
Turbo Pascal, Megabit RAMs, UNIX, PC-UX, PC-9801F3, NEC APC III, IBM JX and WordStar 2000
William M. Raike
Mathematical Recreations: Magic Squares383
Generating a classic array by computer
Robert T. Kurosaka
Circuit Cellar Feedback390
Steve Ciarcia
Editorial: Another World: The 680006
Phil Lemmons
IRS Tightens Rules on Business Use of Home Computers
MSX Computers Shown, Not Sold, at CES
Digitizer Includes Software to Modify Images
Japanses Show More Wrist Computers
New Pointing Devices Unveiled at CES
TI Offers AI Software for IBM PC, TI Professional
Braille Printers Aid Sight-Impaired
Fixes and Updates33
C Bugs
Traversty Generator Enhanced
Increase Multiplan Cell Size on Mac
Free Educational Findings
Try Out Some Software
Museum Needs Voluteers
Proximity's Set Spells Writers
PC-DOS Help Functions
What's New39, 435
Two New Color Computers from Atari (130ST, 520ST, XE, 65XE, 130XE, 65XEM)
Integrated Software for Ataris (Atari Corp. Infinity)
Sharp Computer Has Four-Color Plotter (PC-2500)
Commodore Unveils 3-Pound Portable (Commodore LCD)
The Word Is Updated: Supports Graphics, Offers Hyhenation
120-cps Printer for the Commodore (Okimate 120)
Three Printers from Epson (Spectrum LX-80, P-80, HomeWriter 10)
LCS Technology Converts Monochrome CRT to Colorful Display (Liquid Chrystal Shutter)
32-bit Single-Board Computer Features National Chips (Goodspeed Systems GS-32)
Footmouse Frees Your Hands (Versatron)
Multitasking, Multiuser DOS Runs with MS-DOS (FORTH Inc. polyFORTH II)
Methods for Smalltalk Programming (Digitalk Inc.)
Peripheral Boosts the Mac's Versatility (Microsoft MacEnhancer)
Ask BYTE48
Steve Ciarcia
Clubs & Newsletters58
Book Reviews65
UNIX Primer Plus
The Business Guide to the UNIX System
Undestanding UNIX: A Conceptual Guide
A Practical Guide to the UNIX System
The UNIX Programming Environment
The UNIX System
Irene Pasternack
Event Queue83
Programming Insights396, 404
Factoring with Hyper - A factoring daemon
An Assembly-Language Emulator Program - A simple introduction using BASIC
Richard B. Leining, John R. Robbins
Application Note: Taming the Submit Utility412
Make batch processing easier
Mark Anacker
Books Received418
Unlassfied Ads493
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results494
Reader Service495

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