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Phil Lemmons

Magazine articles
BYTEVolume 6, issue 10 (October, 1981)The IBM Personal Computer: First Impressions
 Volume 6, issue 11 (November, 1981)Five Spelling-Correction Programs for CP/M-Based Systems
 Volume 8, issue 5 (May, 1983)Stalking the East-Asian Microcomputer
 Volume 8, issue 5 (May, 1983)BYTE West Coast: Ferment in Silicon Walley
 Volume 8, issue 6 (June, 1983)BYTE West Coast: A Guided Tour of Visi On
 Volume 8, issue 6 (June, 1983)16-Bit Designs
 Volume 8, issue 6 (June, 1983)Product Description: The Gavilan Mobile Computer
 Volume 9, issue 9 (August, 1984)IBM and Its Personal Computers
 Volume 9, issue 12 (November, 1984)Editorial: The Myth of the Iso-Techie
 Volume 9, issue 13 (December, 1984)Editorial: Looking Back: 1984
 Volume 9, issue 13 (December, 1984)Editorial: Apple and Its Personal Computers
 Volume 10, issue 1 (January, 1985)Editorial: Autonomous Weapons and Human Responsibility
 Volume 10, issue 2 (February, 1985)Editorial: Service and Support
 Volume 10, issue 3 (March, 1985)Editorial: Another World: The 68000
 Volume 10, issue 4 (April, 1985)Editorial: Golfers and Hackers
 Volume 10, issue 5 (May, 1985)Editorial: BYTE's Reader Poll
 Volume 10, issue 6 (June, 1985)Editorial: The BYTE Information Exchange
 Volume 10, issue 7 (July, 1985)Editorial: Equal Access to Computers: Scruples or Rubles?
 Volume 10, issue 8 (August, 1985)Editorial: A Very Special Issue
 Volume 10, issue 9 (September, 1985)Editorial: Ten Good Years
 Volume 10, issue 10 (October, 1985)Editorial: Building BIX with Micros

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