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Volume 10, issue 9 (September, 1985): Homebrewing / 10th Anniversary

Table of Contents
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the SB180 Single-Board Computer, Part 1: The Hardware86
This computer reasserts 8-bit computing in a 16-bit world
Steve Ciarcia
Programming Project: An Analysis of Sorts104
How to choose one sorting algorithm over another
Jonathan Amsterdam
The DSI-32 Coprocessor Board, Part 2: The Software116
Plug a 32-bit microcomputer into your IBM PC
Trevor G. Marshall, George Scolaro, David L. Rand, Tom King, Vincent P. Williams
An Algorithm for Disk Caching with Limited Memory129
Efficient disk buffering for a small system
Brian McKeon
Astrophysical Number Crunching141
My experiences with a progression of "personal" computers across the years
A. G. W. Cameron
Two Generalized Floating-Point Representations154
Dynamic allocation of range and precision fields in FP numbers
David Salomon
Turbo Pascal Drives the Mouse161
A handy procedure to interface the Microsoft Mouse with Pascal
John Figueras
IBM Compability for the NEC APC III171
This patch lets the APC III run IBM PC software
Herbert Stein
Programming Insight: Build a Travesty Tree183
A tree data structure improves search time for travesty generation
Peter Wayner
Programming Insight: Printing Pascal Graphics193
A simple subroutine dumps Apple Pascal graphics to any Epson MX-series printer
Kelly W. Davis
EGO: A Homebuilt CPU, Part 1: The Software229
This homemade CPU sports a clever instruction set
Clifford Kelley
The Quarter-Meg Atari 800XL247
Upgrade your 8-bit microprocessor to 256K bytes and add a RAM disk
Claus Buchholz
A Parallel-to-Serial Printer Port Adapter257
Build this $35 adapter and use your parallel port for serial devices
Howard Austerlitz
Add Function Keys to Your Microcomputer263
Expand your parallel keyboard
Mark Hanslip
Reviewer's Notebook275
Glenn Hartwig
The Kaypro 16276
A low-cost portable compatible with the IBM PC
Steve McMahon
The Osborne 3284
A midsize, no-frills portable
Donna Osgood
WordStar 2000291
WordStar's first offspring is easy to use but somewhat slow
Malcolm C. Rubel
XyWrite II Plus297
Word processing from the command line
Rubin Rabinovitz
A graphic example of data management on the Macintosh
Scott L. Norman
DB Master for the Macintosh311
An easy-to-use database manager with a few flaws
Jeffrey M. Jacques
Paradise Modular Graphics Card321
A multifunction color/graphics card for the IBM PC
Harry Krause
The RAMDISK-64325
Fast disk access on the Commodore 64 at a reasonable price
Warren Block
Keyport 717331
An alternative to the standard Apple keyboard
David L. Salahi
Review Feedback335
Computing at Chaos Manor: PCs, Peripherals, Programs, and People347
Excel, Switcher, Integrated Software, Write-Hand-Man, GRAF 2.0, True BASIC, Gato, Zenith Advanced PC, Omni-Reader, Squire, Incunabula and By Fire and Sword
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail382
Jerry Pournelle
BYTE U.K.: Seventh Anniversary of Microcomputing385
A brief history of U.K. computing and a look at the Husky Hunter
Dick Pountain
BYTE Japan: A History of Japan's Microcomputers395
TLCS-12, µCOM-4, -8, -16, NEC 700, TK-80, MZ-80, PC-8001, and a new idea: A software vending machine
William M. Raike
According to Webster: West Coast Faire, Mac Stuff and the Amiga401
Computer Faire, Ericsson Portable, AT&T UNIX PC, Mac RAM Upgrades, BMUG, Apple, Amiga and TeamMate
Bruce Webster
Mathematical Recreations: π, e, and All That409
Sneaking up on transcendental numbers
Robert T. Kurosaka
Circuit Cellar Feedback416
Steve Ciarcia
Sol Libes
Editorial: Ten Good Years6
Phil Lemmons
Optical Discs, Image Scanners, Laser Printers at NCC
Motorola Asks FCC to Allow Radio-Based LANs
Epson, ABC, and Indesys on FM Radio
Fixes and Updates33
Conversion Algorithm Bug (March 1985)
"In Brief" Error (March 1985)
AI Book Available
Alternative Approaches to Structured BASIC Programming
Systems Transfer Documents Between Word Processors
What's New37, 431
Application Environment for Apple IIe (Information Appliance SwyftCard)
Spreadsheet Bridges 1-2-3, dBASE (Paperback Software VP-Planner)
Corvus Cheetah Uses 68010
8300 Model Seven UNIX Processor (Megadata)
HP Disks (Hwelett-Packard HP 9154A, HP 9142A)
Large-Format Plotter for Micron (IOLine Corporation LP3700 Plotter)
LISP Interpreter and Compiler (Levien Instrument BYSO LISP)
Modem Adapts to Phone Quality (Digital Communications Assciates DCA Fastlink)
Interactive Satellite Dish (Equatorial Communications C-200)
Ask BYTE44
Steve Ciarcia
Clubs & Newsletters54
Book Reviews57
A Computer & Communications Network Performance Analysis Primer
Applied Programming Techniques in C
Diagramming Techniques for Analysts and Programmers
Introduction to Computer Engineering
Mark Klein, Phil Hughes, Bonnie L. Walker, Brian Edginton
Event Queue80
Unclassified Ads485
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results486
Reader Service487

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