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Volume 10, issue 2 (February, 1985): Computing and the sciences

Table of Contents
The HP Integral Personal Computer98
A new all-in-one system makes UNIX truly portable
Phillip Robinson
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build a Serial EPROM Programmer104
An inexpensive way to put your progarms on a chip
Steve Ciarcia
The Macintosh Office120
John Markoff, Phillip Robinson
C to Pascal138
A program to take the tedium out of converting C programs to Pascal
Ted Carnevale
Simulate a Servo System147
Letting the computer handle the math eases the designer's job
Don Stauffer
Introduction to Image Processing163
Image manipulation reveals hidden information
Jeffrey L. Star
The Birth of a Computer177
An interview with James H. Wilkinson on the building of a computer designed by Alan Turing
John C. Nash
A Low-cost Data-Acquisition System199
A compromise between cost and quality, this system is adequate for many research projects
Kiyohisa Okamura, Kamyab Aghai-Tabriz
Fourier Smoothing Without the Fast Fourier Transform207
An in-depth look at using the Fourier transform to remove noise from your data
Eric E. Aubanel, Keith B. Oldham
Paranoia: A Floating-Point Benchmark223
Test the quality of your software, not just its speed
Richard Karpinski
Modelling Mass-Action Kinetics239
In the future, microcomputers may have a substantial role in major scientific computations
Alan Curtis
Viewing Molecules with the Macintosh251
A BASIC program provides 3-D images of complex molecules
Earl J. Kirkland
Laboratory Interfacing263
A medical researcher examines the capabilities and limitations of an important laboratory device
Lincoln E. Ford
Interfacing for Data Acquisition269
A comparison of three interfaces
Thomas R. Clune
Reviewer's Notebook289
Glenn Hartwig
A WordStar clone with significatn improvements
John Heilborn, Nanci Reel
A useful nonstandard tool for learning Ada
Mark J. Welch
The Epson Geneva PX-8302
Epson strikes back
Rich Malloy
Two Modula-2 Compilers for the IBM PC311
A great buy is pitted agains a professinal system
Kevin Bowyer
E-Mail for the Masses317
MCI Mail and Western Union's EasyLink
Wayne Rash Jr.
Mannesmann Tally MT 160325
An adaptable dot-matrix printer
Mark J. Welch
Review Feedback331
Computing at Chaos Manor: Troubles339
Computer Books, SemiDisk, Valdocs/QX-10 Revisited, PCturbo 186, PC Reset, Electric Dragon, Small Disks, Newmedia, SPUZ, UNIX, Flow Charting and Free Filer
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail359
Jerry Pournelle
BYTE Japan: Disks and Printers367
Important peripherals from the 1984 Data Show
William M. Raike
BYTE West Coast: What's Next?371
Thunderscan, the ins and outs of the windowing game, new workstations and more
John Markoff, Phillip Robinson, Ezra Shapiro
BYTE U.K.: Realizing a Dream379
The Whitechapel Computer Works MG-1 personal workstation
Dick Pountain
Computers and Law: Copying Mass-Marketed Software387
Both sides of the Lotus lawsuits
Robert Greene Sterne, Perry J. Saidman
Circuit Cellar Feedback393
Steve Ciarcia
Editorial: Service and Support6
Phil Lemmons
CP/M for the Macintosh
Superex, Micromax Unveil Macintosh Business Software
Conetic Introduces Desktop Management Software
Lantech Offers UNIX-like Operating System for $129
Smalltalk for PCs
Software Teledelivery Efforts Falter
Fixes and Updates33
Byte's Bugs:
C Listing Bug (October 1984)
A Case of Misidentification (December 1984)
Penny Wise, Pound Foolish (August 1984)
Weather Report Incorrect (October 1984)
Books Have American Distributor (November 1984)
Windy Day Bug (June 1984)
New Telephone Number (October 1984)
Photo Credits Due (December 1984)
Address Change (December 1984)

More on POPLOG
Speaking of Least Squares
Eleectronic Yellow Pages in LA

Byte's Bits:
Public-Domain Sofware Library
What's New39, 421
Tandy Unveils $999 Notebook Computer (Radio Shack Model 2000)
Datavue Portable Includes Disk Drives, 80 by 25 Display (Quadram Datavue 25)
Model 1131 Compass Has 128-column LCD (GRiD System )
Visage Videodisc Software Development Tool (V:Link 1000, V:Station 2000)
NEC Introduces Four-Color Plotter (Britewriter)
Commodore Announces 128K Computer (Commodore B128)
Modular Robot Kit (Cybot Tutor)
Computer Satellite Service (Satellite Business Network SBN)
Sord Adds 80 by 25 Display to IS-11
Digital Filtering Chip for Speech Processing (Kurzweil Applied Intelligence KSC 2408)
Twelve Million Instructions per Second (Cromemco Maximizer)
Data Access Enhances Database Program (Data Access Corporation DataFlex 2.1)
Ask BYTE48
Steve Ciarcia
Clubs & Newsletters59
Book Reviews65
Alan Turing: The Enigma
Computer Graphics Programming
Data Structures and Program Design
G. Michael Vose, Judith L. Maggiore, Edward Brent (Jr.)
Event Queue83
Programming Insight: Simultaneuous Equations with Lotus 1-2-3399
An example from macroeconomics
Jan-Henrik Johansson
Books Received409
Unclassified Ads477
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results478
Reader Service479

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