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Volume 9, issue 12 (November, 1984): New chips

Table of Contents
The Data General/One102
A 10-pound battery-powered portable that's fully compatible with the IBM PC
Gregg Williams, Ken Sheldon
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: The Lis'ner 1000110
Build a low-cost, high-performance speech-recognition system
Steve Ciarcia
A Go Board for the Macintosh125
Explore the capabilities of the Mac and MacFORTH with this computerized game
Bruce Webster
A Travesty Generator for Micros129
Nonsense imitation can be disconcertingly recognizable
Hugh Kenner, Joseph O'Rourke
The Pick Operating System, Part 2: System Control132
Programming capabilities and control elements
Rick Cook, John Brandon
AGAT: A Soviet Apple II Computer134
The Russians' first microcomputer is a bad copy of the Apple
Leo D. Bores
Theme: New Chips 
Introduction to Semiconductors143
What they are and how they work
Alan R. Miller
The MC68020 32-bit Microprocessor159
The latest member of Motorola's 68000 family includes on-board cache and virtual memory
Paul F. Groepler, James Kennedy
The Xtar Graphics Microprocessor179
The graphics chip set draws filled-in polygons at superhigh speed
Terry Coleman, Skip Powers
RISC Chips191
RISC means longer programs but faster execution
John Markoff
Gallium Arsenide Chips211
A high-speed IC material gest ready to go
Phillip Robinson
The 80286 Microprocessor231
A close looks at Intel's 32-bit iAPX 286 chip
Paul Wells
The PF474247
A coprocessor for string comparison
Steve Rosenthal
Reviewer's Notebook261
Rich Malloy
The HP 150 Computer262
Easy to use but difficult to program
Mark Haas
The Columbia Multipersonal Computer-VP276
IBM PC compability on a budget
Peter V. Callamaras
Leading Edge and MultiMate287
Dedicated word processor programs might not be for everyone
C. J. Puotinen
polyFORTH and PC/FORTH303
Two FORTH development systems for the IBM PC
Ernie Tello
Samna Word III319
Taking on the dedicated word processors
Rubin Rabinovitz
The Mannesmann Tally Spirit 80 Printer335
A low-cost dot-matrix printer that's Epson-compatible
Mark J. Welch
The Borther HR-15 Letter-Quality Printer341
The basic print mechanism is simple, yet solid
Peter V. Callamaras
Review Feedback348
Computing at Chaos Manor: NCC Reflections361
Apology, Hype Merchants, Endangered Species?, NCC, Puzzled Bell, Zenith Z-150, Sreen Test, TI APPETIZER, Keyboard Mystery, More Macthoughts, In Love with Love, Boosting Borland, Tutsim and Eagle Scout
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail381
Jerry Pournelle
BYTE West Coast: New Developments387
The dBASE Compiler package, new printer technology, pfs:Plan, and talking Macintoshes
John Markoff, Phillip Robinson, Ezra Shapiro
BYTE Japan: Technology Shock401
Comparisons, Vectorio II, NEC computers, C batches and pipes
William M. Raike
BYTE U.K.: A Plethora of Portables413
Apricots and the Organizer
Dick Pountain
Mathematical Recreations: Toggling Functions425
The Slobbovian Amnesty and the Eccentric Jailer
Michael W. Ecker
Circuit Cellar Feedback430
Steve Ciarcia
Editorial: The Myth of the Iso-Techie6
Phil Lemmons
IBM Annouces Productivity, Business Software
Integrated Software for UNIX
Language Standardization to Continue
Voice Communications Added to IBM PC
Mutual Broadcasting Offers Data Broadcasting via Radio
VisiCorp, Software Arts Settle Suit, Offer New Packages
Apple Reduces IIc, Raises IIe Prices
Smith-Corona Unveils Low-Cost Printer
Fixes and Updates33
Laserdiscs Here Today and With Us Tomorrow
Videodisc Replication Service
A Computer on (Almost) Every Desk
Call for Aid Answred
Database Describes 50,000 Packages, Offers All for Sale
Program Update for Spreadsheet
Televisions As Monitors (July 1985)
Logic Errors Mishandles Listings (August 1985)
Capacitor Mislabeled (July 1985)
Bugs Play Tricks with Listing (July 1985)
Bugs Bite Buffers (June 1985)
What's New39, 520
IBM Graphics Displays, adapters Improve Resolution (Professional Graphics Controller)
Graphics Software (IBM Personal Computer Graphical Kernel System)
Interface Hardware (IBM Personal Computer GRIB Adapter)
Desk Accessories from Software arts (Spotlight)
Apple Announces 512K Macintosh, Software, Upgrade
MacStation Organizes Macintosh and Peripherals (MicroRain)
Factfinder: Free-Form Filing on the Macintosh (Forethough)
Tandy 1200 is PC XT Compatible
Gould Colorwriter Plotters
Cermentek Modem Reduces Change of Unauthorized Access (Cermek Security Modem)
quic-Stor-Plus Expansion Unit (Alloy Computer Products)
Ask BYTE48
Steve Ciarcia
Clubs and NEwsletters59
Book Reviews65
Modula-2 for Pascal Programmers
Data Compuression: Techniques and Applications, Hardware and Software Considerations
The Handbook of Microcomputer Interfacing
The Porgrammer's Guide to LDOS/TRSDOS Version 6
David D. Clark, Michael O'Neill, Petr Beckmann, Terry Kepner
Event Queue83
Books Received495
Application Note: Wordstar as a Programming Tool505
Put the power and flexibility of WordStar to work when you program
Vincent Alfieri
Unclassiefied Ads573
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results574
Reader Service575

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