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Volume 10, issue 6 (June, 1985): Programming techniques

Table of Contents
Interactive Audio in a Videodisk System108
Create various sound tracks for your videodisk system
John Lawler, Paul Hairsine, Albert E. Miller
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Home Run Control System, Part 3: The Software121
Energy management, convience, and security in one package
Steve Ciarcia
A threaded interpretive language interfaced to BASIC for research laboratory applications
Samuel D. Fenster, Lincoln E. Ford
The SUM: An AI Coprocessor169
Turning a common AI operation into silicon
Phillip Robinson
Inside AppleTalk185
A closer look at Apple's new link
David Ushijima
The Expert Mechanic205
Expert systems needn't be esoteric or waster resources
Werner F. Grunbaum
Use color and monochrome monitors simultaneously on your IBM PC
Karl Lyon
Two's-Complement Numbers Revisited228
A new tool for dealing with the fundamentals of number storage
Gary Bronson
Choosing a Programming Language235
It's a three-step process
Gary Elfring
Structuring BASIC243
Creating your library of subroutines
Art Huston
Subroutine Libraries in Pascal253
A look at some of the facilities available for creating these libraries
Bruce Webster
Using Data Flow for Application Development267
This form of linkage results in functions that are easier to undestand, develop, and maintain
Wayne P. Stevens
Debugging Techiniques279
There are no magic formulas but there are tools, and the most powerful one is your own brain
Gregg Williams
6502 Tricks and Traps295
Tips for surviving 6502 assembly-language programming
Joe Holt
A plan for building reusable software components
Lamar Ledbetter, Brad Cox
Reviewer's Notebook323
Glenn Hartwig
The Mindset Personal Computer324
A high-performance graphics machine that runs IBM PC software
Tom Wadlow
Idea Processors337
ThinkTank, Executive Writer/Executive Filer, THOR and Framework
William Hershey
Convience Software353
The latest in pop-up programs
Mark J. Welch
Building Expert Systems with M.1371
A knowledge-engineering tool for the IBM PC
Bruce D'Ambrosio
Hewlett-Packard's HP 7475A Plotter379
An accurate and versatile graphics machine
Rich Malloy
The IBM Quietwriter Printer385
Quetly elegant output
Jon Edwards
The Word Plus393
An easy-to-use spelling checker
George Sheldon
Review Feedback401
Computing at Chaos Manor: From the Living Room409
Reconstruction, Cleaning Zeke II, Z-100 Video Memory, Dysan's Interrogator, Zenith Z-160, HP LaserJet Fonts, Macrotech and Gifford, SPUZ, Mini/Micro Show, Hercules Color Board, More on Mac, More on Valdocs and Eagle
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail435
Jerry Pournelle
BYTE U.K.: Telephone Computers439
A look at the One Per Desk telecomputer
Dick Pountain
BYTE Japan: New NECs and Cartridge Disk451
PC-8801 Mk II SR, Mr. PC, PC-6001, Tomas drives, Shoppers' Guides and Readers' queries
William M. Raike
BYTE West Coast: A GEM Seminar455
Aso, a Mac disassembler and advances in disk-controller technology
John Markoff, Phillip Robinson
Circuit Cellar Feedback461
Steve Ciarcia
Sol Libes
Editorial: The BYTE Information Exchange6
Phil Lemmons
Complex High-End Chips Hit Snags
Lotus, Intel Agree on 8-megabyte Memory Standard for IBM PC
New Computers Unveiled at COMDEX
New Laser-Class Printers
Products Will Aid Visually Disabled Computer Users
Fixes and Updates33
More Equipement Eases Access to BYTEnet
Author to Advise C Group
Upgrade to Lowercase Descenders
User-Supported VT Terminal Emulator
A Few Points on a Million Points (April 1985)
Manufacturer Misidentified (April 1985)
Bugs Warp Reply (March 1985)
Benchmark Mistated (April 1985)
What's New39, 470
Commodore Exhibits Computer Series (Commodore 900)
NAPLPS Board for IBM (Electronic Office Systems (Videotex) Ltd. MGB 8024)
Quadram's Laser Printer (QuadLaser)
Victor PCs Are Compatible with IBM (Victor Technologies VPC, VI)
BDS Laser Printer
XTRA XP: An 80286-Based PC (ITT Information Systems)
AT&T Links MS-DOS and UNIX Micros, Offers PC 6300 Enhancements (STARLAN)
GEM Applications (Digital Research GEM Desktop, GEM Draw, GEM Paint, GEM Write)
Portable Has Plasma Display (Ericsson)
HP Touchscreen II (Hewlett-Packard)
Ask BYTE48
Steve Ciarcia
Clubs & Newsletters58
Book Reviews65
Programmer Productivity: Achieving an Urgent Priority
Applying Software Engineering Principles
CP/M User's Guide
Computer Animation Primer
The Complete Home Educator: A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Home-Teaching
Michael Martinez, E. Francis Avila, Annette Hinshaw, Paul W. Lowans, Jeff Campbell, Hunter Holmes Alexander
Event Queue86
Books Received465
Unclassified Ads525
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results526
Reader Service527

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