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Volume 10, issue 5 (May, 1985): Multiprocessing

Table of Contents
Gregg Williams
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Home Run Control System, Part 2: The Hardware108
Energy management, convience, and security in one package
Steve Ciarcia
Set Extensions with Apple Pascal128
Add useful set operations to your programs
Alfred L. Schumer
Build a Talking Clock Speech Synthesizer143
This talking clock chip circuit also allows experimentation with an unlimited-vocabulary speech processor
Ernest H. Piette
Smalltalk Comes to the Microcomputer World151
Bruce Webster
Methods: A Preliminary Look, Part 1: Methods is object-oriented...152
Bruce Webster, Tom Yonkman
Object-oriented software on the Apple II
Christopher Macie
The Smalltalk Programming Language160
An introduction to object-oriented programming
Jim Anderson, Barry Fishman
Multiprocessing: An Overview171
A brief look at the latest quest for computer speed
Rich Krajewski
Extending Microprocessor Architectures185
Extended-processing units can significantly broaden a microprocessor's instruction set
Gary D. Beals
Applying Data Flow in the Real World201
This model for parallel processing is finding its way into commercial applications
William Gerhard Paseman
The Transputer219
A building block for parallel processing
Paul Walker
Data-Movement Primitives239
A low-cost implementation of an innovative technique for sharing memory
J. Eric Roskos, Ching-Dong Hsieh
Reviewer's Notebook259
Glenn Hartwig
The Compaq Deskpro260
A faster processor and an optional tape backup system
Jerry Grady
The PC gets down to business
Alan Finger
True BASIC279
Bringing structure to the realm of "spaghetti code"
G. Michael Vose
The GTX-100 Modem291
An intelligent device with built-in security functions
Mark Haas
Review Feedback299
Computing at Chaos Manor: In Search of the Perfect Product307
LaserJet, The Tweek Cure, Tutsim, Universe, Professional BASIC, The Companion, A+ Mouse, MTBASIC, Expert-Ease, Encore 1200B, SemiDisk, Tunesmith and Fontrix
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail347
Jerry Pournelle
BYTE Japan: Megabits and Gigaflops355
New RAM chips and computers
William M. Raike
BYTE West Coast: Homebrew Chips363
MOSIS, two packages for the Mac, Turtle talk, and Concurrent DOS-286
John Markoff, Phillip Robinson, Donna Osgood
BYTE U.K.: Parallel Processing385
A look at the ALICE hardware and Hope language
Dick Pountain
Computers and Law: The Sale of Computer Products399
A self-help guide for buyers and sellers
Robert Greene Sterne, Perry J. Saidman
Mathematical Recreations: An Exercise in BASIC Bitwise Logic Operation417
The game of Nim is used to teach the use of the logical AND, OR, and NOT
Robert T. Kurosaka
Circuit Cellar Feedback424
Steve Ciarcia
Programming Insight: 0.8660254 ≈ √3/2429
An alogrithm that converts decimals to fractions
Dan Sandberg
Programming Insight: Computing Pi433
Using infinite series to compute mathematical functions
David J. Crawford
Editorial: BYTE's Reader Poll6
Phil Lemmons
New Laser Printers May Outperform Canon's Engine
DEC Revamps Rainbow to Match New PC Strategy
Fairchild Unveils First Single-Chip 212A 1200-bps Modem
Firms Show Chinese-Language Word Processors
IBM Puts Series/1 on a Chip, in an IBM PC Box
Morrow Upgrades Pivot: Fully IBM-Compatible
Fixes and Updates33
Busy, Busy BYTEnet Listings
Sola Makes Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Modifications to Printer Buffer (June 1984)

Byte's Bugs:
FreeSoft Address (March 1985)
A Bit too Wide (February 1985)
Mathematics Mistake (March 1985)
Caption in Error (March 1985)
Corrections for EPROM Programmer (February 1985)

Byte's Bits:
Poke the IIe's Drive Delays in the Sixth Slot
Computer Art Contest for Kids
Alternative address
What's New39, 464
Business-Pro Runs AT Software (Texas Instruments)
Systems Solution for Test, Measurement, Analysis (Honeywell HOTMS 3000)
GRiDCase Family of Portables (GRiD Systems)
Integrated CAD System for IBM (Micro Control Systems CADKey)
Laser Printer Produces Full-Page, High-Resultion Graphics (Corporated Data Sciences CDS 2300)
Cermetek Unveils 3-line, 1200-bps Multiplexer (Cermetek Microelectronics 3X1200)
Integrated Software for Macintosh (Microsoft Excel)
Test, Measurement Tools (Hewlett-Packard PC Instruments)
Ask BYTE48
Steve Ciarcia
Clubs & Newsletters58
Book Reviews65
The Apple Macintosh Book
Fire in the Valley: THe Makeing of the Personal Computer
Beneath Apple Products
Productive Software Test Management
Scott L. Norman, Joel Pitt, Marin Kalman, Douglas L. Freeman
Event Queue83
Books Received442
Unclassified Ads525
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results526
Reader Service527

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