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Volume 9, issue 13 (December, 1984): Communications / BYTE Guide to the Apple

Table of Contents
The Tandy 100098
An IBM PC-compatible with a PCjr price
G. Michael Vose
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Power I/O System105
Controlling the power to the real world with your computer
Steve Ciarcia
Product Description: C-Language Development Tools119
G. Michael Vose
An Introduction to Fiber Optics, Part 1121
Light tamed by glass waveguides offesrs wide communication bandwidth
Richard S. Shuford
Software Frameworks124
Software "toolkits" save programming time
Gregg Williams
Theme: Communications 
The Evolution of a Standard Ethernet131
Alternatives in wide-band coaxial cable local networks
Edwin E. Mier
Local-Area Networks for the IBM PC147
Be sure of your newtowrking goals are needs before you invest in expensive technology
J. Scott Haugdahl
High-Speed Dial-Up Modems179
The promise and peril of faster data transmission
Kim Maxwell
Writing Communications in BASIC187
Easy terminal emulation and file transfer
Barry J. Arnow
Looking for the Perfect Program199
Communications performance criteria
David Barr, George deW. Rogers
The On-Line Search215
Accessing the world's electronic brain
Suzana Lisanti
Reviewer's Notebook237
Rich Malloy
The Tandy Model 2000239
A compromise between IBM PC compability and high performance
Mark S. Jennings
The Zenith Z-150 PC252
This IBM PC clone is also available in kit form
Wayne Rash Jr.
A tool for scientists and engineers
Alan R. Miller
Powerful capabilities - and some annoyances
Ricardo Birmele
The Epson LQ-1500293
A double-duty dot-matrix printer
Ken Sheldon
Review Feedback301
Computing at Chaos Manor: Home Again307
Repair Beware, LaserJet Printer, KoalaPad, Clock Boards, Discount Blues, Lilith Computer, Modula-2, Apple Modules, Software Essentials, TI Professional, Gulf Strike and Under Ware
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail335
Jerry Pournelle
BYTE West Coast: Happenings343
IBM and networks, Concurrent PC-DOS, and other developments
John Markoff, Ezra Shapiro
BYTE U.K.: Prolog on Microcomputers355
Logical propositions replace computer-oriented instructions
Dick Pountain
BYTE Japan: Hand-held Computers and MSX Standards365
Epson HC-88/-80, Ampere Big.APL and MSX Machines
William M. Raike
Circuit Cellar Feedback375
Steve Ciarcia
Editorial: Looking Back: 19846
Phil Lemmons
Sanyo's Graphics Card for 550, Portable Color Computer
Integrated Program Has Slide-Show Feature
Microsoft Delays Windows to Mid-1985
New Laser and Ink-Jet Products
Computer Crime Bill Passes
Compact Disc Used for Data Storage
Datacopy Unveils $4000 OCR/Digitizing System
Fixes and Updates33
UNIX Benchmarks Brought Up to Date
Benchmarks Run Well on Lisa 2/10
Chip Choice Explained
Aliasing Error Folls Analysis (September 1984)
New Numbers on Database Specifications (October 1984)
Say It Right (October 1984)
Memory Lapse (September 1984)
Faulty Caption Corrected (July 1984)
What's New39, 432
NEC Unveils Notebook Computer (NEC PC-8401A)
Desktop Scanner Can Digitize Images and Read Documents (Electronic Information Technology EIT-PS)
Graphics Environment Management (Digital Research Inc. GEM)
Relational Database Requires No Programming (Infocom Cornerstone)
QX-16 Features Valdocs 2 (Epson)
IBM Annouces Productivity Software (Business Management Series and Personal Management Series)
Osborne Introduces Vixen, Emerges from Chapter 11 (Osborne Computer Corporation)
TeleVideo Personal Mini Links PCs, Workstations (PM/4T)
Quadram Adds Software Line (Quadsoft)
Graphics Products for Image Capture and Enhancement (AT&T Video Display Adapter, Image Capture Board, Personal Computer NAPLPS Decoder)
Security System Includes Speech Syntesizer and Software (Gestalt Technocracy Peace of Mind Master Controller)
Expansion Card Adds 80286 Processor to IBM PC (Seattle Telecom & Data PC-286)
Ask BYTE48
Clubs & Newsletters59
Book Reviews65
Talking Computer and Telecommunications
Assembly Language Primer for the IBM PC & XT
Computer Ethics: A Guide
Jerry Smith, Michael O'Neill, John Figueras, Mark J. Welch
Event Queue83
Application Note: FX-80 WordStar Superscripts411
Michael H. Goldbaum
Books Received416
Unclassified Ads491
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results494
Reader Service495
Editorial: Apple and Its Personal ComputersA4
Phil Lemmons
Part I: The Apple II, A Computer That Endures A7
Artistic Tools for the Apple II FamilyA8
Apple's AppleMouse II and MousePaint contrasted to Kiala's Gibson Light Pen System
Eric Eldred
Appleworks: An Integrated Office ProductA18
Word processign, database management, and spreadsheet analysis in one package for the Apple IIe and Apple IIc
Karen Cmar
Preshift-Table Graphics on your AppleA23
This fast assembly-language routine allows to move rectangular images quicly to any point on the Apple high-resolution graphics screen
Bill Budge, Gregg Williams, Rob Moore
Low-Cost Word Processing on the AppleA30
A number of efficient word processors are available for every budget
Daniel J. Gingras
Alf's 8088 Coprocessor for your AppleA38
Adding MS-DOS with this board is easy: dealing with the restrictions is the hard part
David Morganstein
Expanding Your Apple's ApplicationsA45
Adding CP/M to your Apple II system now means just choosing which board best suits your needs
Robert Peck
The Search for SpeechA48
A programmer reviews five speech synthetizers and separates the toys from the tools
Joe Lazzaro
Apples' New Modem and Access IIA58
Apple's latest hardware and software offering are a smart choice if communications are your interest
Henry Brugsch
Part II: The Persepective, Views from Within A65
The Apple Story, Part I: Early HistoryA67
An Interview with Steve Wozniak
Gregg Williams, Rob Moore
"C" is for CrunchA75
An Interview with Apple IIe and IIc design manager Peter Quinn
Gregg Williams
Part III: The Macintosh and the Lisa 2, The Future of Apple A79
Extra Storage on the MacA80
Tecmar and Davong face-off with two hard-disk entries
Dave Smith
Multiplan/Chart on the MacintoshA85
This best-selling spreadsheet and its grpahic complement take full advantage of Mac's high-intensity graphics and innovative user interface
Mitch Trachtenberg
Evaluating the Macintosh FinderA94
The Macintosh's operating system is friendly, but at what price?
Mark S. Jennings
Habadex on Apple's MacintoshA102
Perhaps the company should have spent more time studying the possibilities of the Mac's user interface
Léo Laporte
The Lisa 2: Apple's Ablest ComputerA106
No other machine in Lisa's price range approaches its versality, innovation and power.
David D. Redhed
The First Look at FORTH on the MacA115
Creative Solutions has put some unique features in a language that can be fustrating for the beginner
Gregg Williams
What's NewA133

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