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Volume 10, issue 4 (April, 1985): Artificial intelligence

Table of Contents
Circia's Circuit Cellar: Build the Home Run Control System, Part 1: Introduction102
Energy management, convience, and security in one package
Steve Ciarcia
Coprocessing in Modula-2113
The key to writing concurrent programs is coordination
Colleen Roe Wilson
A Million-Point Graphics Tablet120
How to build low-cost graphics for the Z-100
James Hawley
Communication with Alien Intelligence126
It may not be as difficult as you think
Marvin Minsky
The Quest to Undestand Thinking143
It begins not with complex isses but with the most trivial of processes
Roger Schank, Larry Hunter
The LISP Tutor159
It approaches the effectiveness of a human tutor
John R. Anderson, Brian J. Reiser
An automatic debugger for Pascal programs
W. Lewis Johnson, Elliot Soloway
Architectures for AI193
Hardware and software for efficient processing
Michael F. Deering
The LISP Revolution209
LISP is no longer limited to a lucky few
Patrick H. Winston
The Challenge of Open Systems223
Current logic programming methods may be insufficient for developing the intelligent systems of the future
Carl Hewitt
Biology challenges technology
Dana H. Ballard, Christopher M. Brown
Learning in Parallel Networks265
Simulating learning in a probablistic system
Geoffrey E. Hinton
Massive parallelism in natural and artificial intelligence
Jerome A. Feldman
Reverse Engineering the Brain286
Chipping away at the brain
John K. Stevens
The Technology of Expert Systems303
Transplanting expert knowledge to machines
Robert H. Michaelsen, Donald Michie
Inside an Expert System315
From index cards to Pascal program
Beverly A. Thompson, William A. Thompson
Reviewer's Notebook337
Glenn Hartwig
It's compatible with - and it improves upon - the IBM PC
John D. Unger
Insight - A Knowledge system345
An expert system with limited potential
Bruce D'Ambrosio
Review Feedback348
Computing at Chaos Manor: Over the Moat355
Golem Crashes, The Name Game, Copy-Protection Blues, The Elusive S1, Network Confusion, Great Software Purge and CP/M Bargains
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail373
Jerry Pournelle
BYTE West Coast: Lasers, Office Publishing, and More379
Interleaf's OPS-2000 and TPS-2000, FastFinder
John Markoff, Phillip Robinson
BYTE U.K.: New Database Ideas389
Frame theory used in a database generator
Dick Pountain
BYTE Japan: The Fifth Generation in Japan401
ICOT, The Hitachi S-810 supercomputer and Software development
William M. Raike
Circuit Cellar Feedback408
Steve Ciarcia
Editorial: Golfers and Hackers6
Phil Lemmons
Macintosh Usrs Get IBM PC Emulator
New Mac Products Shown
Microsoft Releases Its Own C Compiler
New LCD Portables Use Backlit Display
Proteon adds 80-megabit-per-second Network
Intel Will Sell caTech's Hybercube Multiprocessor Computer
Torus Prepares to Launch LAN Software
Fixes and Updates33
Update: C Changes Quickly
Feedback: Printer Buffer Messaged

Bytes's Bugs:
Communication on Mode Gets Garbled (December 1984)
Corrections from Commodore (February 1985)
What's New39, 440
Ask BYTE48
Steve Ciarcia
Clubs & Newsletters58
Book Reviews65
Build Your Own Expert System
Artificial Intelligence in Basic
The Cognitive Computer: On Language, Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Ramachandran Bharath, Norman J. Chaplin, Darrow Kirkpatrick
Event Queue83
What's Not96
Knifle the Mac (Ennui Associates MacKnifer)
Noveau-Chic Luggage (The Spike Untermeyer Luggage Company)
One for the Road (Honda Corporation Transponter)
New Arrival (Celebrity Software Princess Di Database)
New Mag (High Press Technologies HipTech Personal Photocopying)
Home on the Database (ThinkFast Software MOM)
A Taste of Security (Soycure Systems of Tokyo Parasoya Disks)
Keeping Time to Yourself (ApresHeures Computing Incognito)
Books Received414
Programming Insight: Load Assembler Routines from Basic429
This method enhances the maintainability of your programs
Douglas F. Yriart
Unclassified Ads493
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results494
Reader Service495

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