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Volume 10, issue 1 (January, 1985): Through the hourglass

Table of Contents
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Understanding Linear Power Supplies98
Proper design brings simplicity and reliability
Steve Ciarcia
The Visual Mind and the Macintosh113
MacPaint provides a tool for thinking
Bill Benzon
A Glimpse into Future Television135
A technology envolving in parallel with personal computers
Joseph S. Nadan
Microsoft Macintosh BASIC Version 2.0155
More Mac support and true parameter-passing subprograms
Gregg Williams
The Apple Story, Part 2: More History and the Apple III155
An interview with Steve Wozniak
Gregg Williams, Rob Moore
Unterruptable Power Supplies167
Devices to save you from losing data in the dark
William Rynone
An Introduction to Fiber Optics, Part 2: Connections and Networks197
Optical fibers are becoming practical for use in applications such as local networks
Richard S. Shuford
Algorithms for Variable-Precision Calculator211
A pseudocode is used to describe the logic behind the algorithms
Paul A. Nilson
Audio-Frequency Analyzer223
Build IBM PC accessories to analyze your stereo
Vince Banes
Font Design for Personal Workstations255
Better fonts mean greater legibility and productivity
Charles Bigelow
Expert Systems - Myth or Reality?275
Artificial intelligence is being applied
Bruce D'Ambrosio
Reviewer's Notebook289
Rich Malloy
The HP 110 Portable Computer290
A small package with powerful capabilities
Mark Haas
Gifford's MP/M 8-16305
Here's a no-nonsense S-100 system
Charles H. Strom
Lotus's Symphony317
Real and rational advances over 1-2-3
Dick Pountain
A print processor with true proportional spacing
Alan R. Miller
The Hewlett-Packard ThinkJet Printer337
A compact, portable, and innovative printer
Mark Haas
The TI Omni 800/Model 855 Printer345
ROM-based cartridges provide a variety of fonts
Mark Haas
Review Feedback353
Computing at Chaos Manor: The Fast Line363
Orchild's PCturbo 186, Documentation, Macrotech's MI-286, More Support Problems, STB RIO Plus Board, The Tax Shelter Eater, Excel's Aris, SuperDex Revisited and Aston-Tate's dBASE III
Jerry Pournelle
Chaos Manor Mail393
Jerry Pournelle
BYTE U.K: The Amstrad CPC 464401
The home computer in the U.K.
Dick Pountain
Circuit Cellar Feedback413
Steve Ciarcia
BYTE West Coast: Light Touches415
Macs, Mice, and Laser Disks
John Markoff, Phillip Robinson
Mathematical Recreations: The Fundamental Counting Principle425
Counting without enumerating
Michael W. Ecker
BYTE Japan: The New and the Old429
Denser Chips, NEC PC-8401A, Casio LCS-2400, Fujitsu FM-11BS and Piracy
William M. Raike
Editorial: Autonomous Weapons and Human Responsibility6
Phil Lemmons
Optical Disks Move Toward Reality
Compact Discs as Read-Only Memory for PCs
New Chips Will Find Uses in Image Processing
Portable Computer Feature 80 by 25 Displays
Display Technology
COMDEX: New 2400-bps Modems
Users May Find Surprises in Apple Insurance
Fixes and Updates33
Solution Doesn't Wash
Carrol Touch Technology Relocates

Byte's Bugs:
Patch Now Quilt (September 1984)
Bugs in Real-Time Graphics (September 1984)
Bang is Dud (August 1984)
Symbolic Changes (August 1984)
Book Gets Wrong Name (August 1984)
What's New39, 440
Texas Instruments Adds Brifcase Portable (ProLite)
Rom Unveils Computer/Telephony Systems (Cedar)
Okidata Introduces $268 Color Printer (Okimate 20)
PC-Compatible Seequa Cobra Features 16-Bits Expansion Bus
Video for the Mac (Mentaur Technologies Composite Video Adapter)
Juki Announces $299 Daisy-Wheel Printer (Juki 6000)
Device for Macintosh Uses Removable 5-Megabyte Catridges (Iomega Mac Bernoulli Box)
Thesys Offers 5-Megabyte RAM Expansion System for $3495 (Fastfile)
Whitechapel Workstation Displays 1024 by 800 Pixels (MG-1)
Gifford MC-186 Expands to Multiuser MS-DOS System
HyperDrive Internal Hard Disk for the Macintosh (General Computer Company)
Netoworking Operating System for IBM PC (Waterloo Microsystems Port)
MicroPro Enhances WordStar (WordStar 2000)
Ask BYTE48
Steve Ciarcia
Clubs & Newsletters59
Book Reviews65
The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit
Information Systems Security
Microprocessors: Hardware, Software, and Design Applications
Anthony Townsend, Annette Hinshaw, Alan Finger
Event Queue83
Books Received435
Unclassified Ads493
BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box, BOMB Results494
Reader Service495

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