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Issue 12 (August, 1976)

Table of Contents
True Confessions: How I Relate to KIM44
Yogesh M. Gupta
Build a TV Readout Device for Your Microprocessor66
Robert Suding
Interfacing the 60 mA Current Loop96
Walter S. King
What Do You Do With a Video Disk?6
Martin Buchanan
Friends, Humans, Contryrobots: Lend Me Lend Your Ears16
Lloyd Rice
The Time Has Come to Talk26
Wirt Atmar
Microprocessor Update: Zilog Z8034
Burt Hashizume
Machine Language Programming for the "8008" and similar microprocessors - Chapter 240
Nat Wadsworth
Jack and the Machine Talk (or, The Making of an Assembler)52
One day in 1975, Jack finally had it with machine language.
Robert D. Grappel, Jack Hemenway
What's an IČL (I squared L)?84
Terry Steeden
In This BYTE2
Some Notes on Clubs2
Carl Helmers
What's New?50
Don't Waste Time Loading from Tape ... Put a Chunk of EROM into Memory Address Space
Parallel Interfaced Audio Cassette Driver
Make Hard Copies With This Printer
IO Board With ROM Software
Calculator of the Month Club?
Sphere Graduates and Goes to Work for Businesses
The IMSAI 8080
Don't Let This One SC/MPer Away
Use This for the 'Ship's Console' of Your ENTERPRISE
Burn 2708 EPROMs with This Programmers
Here's Pair of Hardware Debugging Tools of Note
Attention: ALTAIR/IMSAI/MicroALTAIR Harware Hackers
Build This Printer Kit
OEM Floppy Systems Kit
It's About Time!
The AMT 2560
A First Briefcase Computer
Book Review74
BYTE's Bugs76
Update to PROM Programmer (May 1976), MATCH program (June 1976), Build the BIT BOFFER (March 1976) and page 94 of the June issue.
Classfield Ads77
Software Bug of the Month 381
W. Douglas Maurer
Systems of Note88
Here is a second example of BYTE's Systems of Note feature. The purpose of Systems of Note is to document what kinds of systems are being developed and utilzed by our readers, and how they are viewing the computer systems field as reflected in the choices of hardware and software componets. As an example of another system, here are my impressions of Roger Amidon's rather advanced shop.
Each reader whose system description is submitted and publsed for this feature will receive an honorarium of $25 as BYTE's contribution to help further the state of the art..
Carl Helmers
Functional Specifications95
Clubs, Newsletters100
Tool Box Answers126
Reader's Service128

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