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Issue 13 (September, 1976)

Table of Contents
Build This Mathematical Function Unit - Part 1: Hardware26
R. Scott Guthrie
Randomize Your Programming36
Robert D. Grappel
A BASIC Star Trek Trainer40
Gerald H. Herd
How to do a Number of Conversions50
James Brown
The Circuit for Z-80s62
Robert Suding
A Flameless IC Recycling Trick104
Jonathan Bondy, Ralph Droms
AMSAT 8080 Standard Debug Monitor: AMS80 Version 2108
Richard C. Allen, Joe Kasser
Are You an Author?16
Are you the proud author of a piece of hobbyist software? If so, you are in the same class as the author of a novel, a play or any other kind of salable writing.
Calvin N. Mooers
The MSC 8080+ Microprocessor as a Personal System44
Ken Barbier
Microprocessor Update: SC/MP Fills a Gap76
Robert W. Baker
Machine Language Programming for the "8008" and similar microcomputers - Chapter 384
Nat Wadsworth
In This BYTE4
Come On, Come All!6
NCC 1976
Carl Helmers
Software Bug of the Month 461
W. Douglas Maurer
BYTE's Bits73
Attention: Southern California Readers, Educators
Microcomputer Interfacing Workshop
Functional Specification: Altair Bus Driver
What's New?74, 81
OSI 400 System
Advance Information: Computalker CT-1 Speech Synthesizer
Catalog for Electronics Designing and Testing
Right from the Source: Intercept Jr
Software New Product: 8080 TRACE Program
OEMs and Kit Makers Take Note: TP-3120 Printer
A 6800 Evaluation Board - Plus EROM Programmer and Tiny BASIC!
More Tiny BASIC - Doctor Dobbs Is Really Moving
Get Up and Running Quickly with This Self Contained Package: Expander-68
The IMSAI Floppy Disk Subsystem
A PROM Resident 8080 Assembler
A Lab Computer, Anyone? - MiniMicro Designer
Attention: LSI-11 Hackers
Tutorial Computer Systems: UC 1800
Want to Get Unsual Tools?
Classified Ads92
Clubs, Newsletters98
Programming Quickies124
8 Bit Fractional Multiplication
Reader's Service128

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