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Issue 14 (October, 1976)

Table of Contents
Add This 6800 Morser to Your Amateur Radio Station30
Robert D. Grappel, Jack Hemenway
If Only Sam Morse Could See Us Now42
Wayne Sewell
A Morse Code Station Data Handler52
Bruce Filgate
Build This Mathematical Function Unit - Part 2: Software74
R. Scott Guthrie
The Computer... Versus... Hand Sent Morse Code12
William A. Hickley
A Ham's Application Drems26
W. J. Hosking
Efficient Storage of Morse Character Codes36
Lawrence Krakauer
Microprocessor Update: Keep PACE with the Times82
Robert W. Baker
Homebrewery vs the Software Priesthood90
The movement of computers into people's homes makes it important for us personal systems users to focus our efforts towards having computers do what we want them to do rather than what someone else has blessed for us.
Mike Wilber, Dan Fylstra
Meeting Activities for Computer Clubs118
The formal organizations used for clubs and societies can range from the totally informal (one person arranging a regular meeting place) to the setting up all sorts of corporate nonprofit organizational structures, etc. The informal versions usually work best for small groups; formal organization tends to increase with the size of the group. Whatever the case, the less time spen on long drawn out nitpicking at business meetings, the more time there is to devote to more interesting matters...
Charles F. Douds
In This BYTE2
The Concertina System9
Carl Helmers
Software Bug of the Month 541
W. Douglas Maurer
Some Historical Notes81
What's New?86, 110, 126
So You Want to Keep PACE?
The MOSTEK MK5085N/MK5086N Integrated Tone Dialers
SCELBAL, an 8008/8080 High Level Language
The Visible Character Buffer Memory is Here
Mating Game
And Yet Another Dedicated Industrial Micro (GNAT Computers' MC80)
Building a Homebrew CRT? Using a Commercial Digital Display Chassis?
Here's an Interesting Combination of Peripheral Functions! (Electronic Product Associates Inc's TCC3)
Software New Product (33 Programs and Projects for the Altair 8800 -book)
Wind Up Your (Paper Tape) Affairs
Another Completely Packaged Computer (Electronic Tool Co's ETC-1000)
Attention Analog Interfacers.. (National Semiconductor MM5356)
Sorderless Breadboards (A P Products)
BYTE's Bits95
Classfied Adds96
Programming Quickies99
Book Reviews100
Computer Resource Book - Algebra
The Art of Computer Programming Volume I: Fundamental Algorithms
Humanizing Computer Systems
Kil O'Byte106
Carl Helmers
Experts from Future History116
The following series of passages was compiled by reader John W Burgeson in a term paper he wrote for his "history of technology" course in the spring term of '25. Note how the attitudes remain the same, but objects of the attitudes envolve with time.
John W. Burgeson
Clubs, Newsletters130
Reader Service144

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