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Issue 12 (December, 1984)

Table of Contents
A View from the Bridge4
David Allikas
Looking for a holiday gift for a Commodore owner (like yourself)? Scuttlebutt is a great place to browse. One warning though: if you plan to order by mail, check with the company first. Some won't accept mail orders. Some won't deliver in time for Christmas. And some products reported in Scuttlebutt may not be available yet.
Cell Defence; Trivia Fever
Problem #12-1: Phone Fun
Problem #12-2: More Phone Fun
Problem #12-3: Letter Slalom
Problem #12-4: Quick Hex
Answers for #7-1, #7-3: Letter Frequency and #8-4: Useful Function
Dale Rupert
Program Listings61
A Primer on Printers15
Tom Benford
Printer Interfacing Revisited19
A User Guide to KMMM Pascal43
Morton Kevelson
One Letter is a Thousand Pictures - Fast Graphics with Custom Character Sets47
Orson Scott Card
Rupert Report: Diving into BASIC - Exploring the Inner Structure of a BASIC Program86
Dale Rupert
Construction Co. for the C-6458
B. W. Behling
Bug Repellents62
Michael Kleinert, David Barron
Space Patrol for the C-6495
Bob Lloret

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