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Dale Rupert

Magazine articles
Ahoy!Issue 12 (December, 1984)Commodares
 Issue 12 (December, 1984)Rupert Report: Diving into BASIC - Exploring the Inner Structure of a BASIC Program
 Issue 21 (September, 1985)Rupert Report: Tumbling Dice & Data Structures
 Issue 21 (September, 1985)Commodares
 Issue 29 (May, 1986)Rupert Report: The Great Escape - Using Escape Codes on the Commodore 128
 Issue 29 (May, 1986)Commodares
 Issue 30 (June, 1986)Rupert Report: Debugging Dilemmas
 Issue 30 (June, 1986)Commodares
 Issue 31 (July, 1986)Rupert Report: Loops Galore!
 Issue 31 (July, 1986)Commadares
 Issue 36 (December, 1986)Commodares
 Issue 36 (December, 1986)Rupert Report: File Manipulator
 Issue 37 (January, 1987)Rupert Report: Basic Magic
 Issue 39 (March, 1987)Rupert Report: Basic Esthetics
 Issue 39 (March, 1987)Commodares
 Issue 41 (May, 1987)Rupert Report: Kernal Power - Harnessing Those Mighty ROM Routines
 Issue 41 (May, 1987)Commodares
 Issue 42 (June, 1987)Rupert Report: Megaflops and Microseconds
 Issue 42 (June, 1987)Commodares

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