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Volume 3, issue 1 (January, 1986)

Table of Contents
Making the Video Connection26
Add sparkle and excitement to you videotapes with screen displays from your computer: This article tells you how to make the VCR-computer connection.
Ervin Bobo
Commodore Carousel34
Connecting your Commodore to a carousel slide projector opens up exciting avenues in education and home entertainment.
Daniel Morris
The Creative Computer44
This is one man's story how he used his Commodore creatively. What's yours?
Andrew M. Cohn
Pulsing Pictures48
Now you can put a little movement into you screen displays by using this low-resolution keyboard graphics animation program.
George Trepal
Telecommunications... BRS/After Dark and The Knowledge Index56
Do you have a term paper due tomorrow and can't get to the library? Or maybe you haven't researched that article or reprot as thoroughly as you could have. These two bibliographic on-line services offer a vast source of information, without a lot of legwork or book-toting.
Margaret Morabito, Christine Adamec
CP/M Treasure Trove68
Discover a bounteous supply of almost free CP/M programs that you can use on your new C-128. This article reveals the secret of where to call or write.
Cheryl Peterson
Add Elegance to Your Program Listings74
Here's utility that organizes and clarifies your program listings by providing uniform spacing between words, numbers and symbols.
Michael Broussard
RUN's Great Communicator - Runterm Plus84
For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the conclusion of Runterm Plus, here's your reward... a complete, professional quality terminal program that lets you communicate wit all on-line services, use XModem file transfers, play interactive modem games, trasfer hi-res graphics screens, and more.
Robert Sims
Protect your programs from prying eyes with this handy utility that instantly begins execution of your programs after they are loaded.
Alejandro Kapauan
A-Maze-ing Word Jumbler104
There might be a g-i-r-a-f-f-e in the maze, or there might be an o-n-i-o-n, depending on the category you've selected. Juggle the letters to spell a word and have fun.
Penny DeGroff
Software Buyer's Guide 1985 - Part II126
RUNning Ruminations6
$290: Christmas card
$291: Zaxxon zap
$292: 1541 Unscratch
$293: C-128 bell
$294: C-128 load and run
$295: C-128 joystick ports
$296: Shifted run/stop
$297: C-128 MID$ feature
$298: CP/M utilities
$299: C-64/VIC Buffer Saver
$29A: Working with machine language
$29B: Delete a block of lines
$29C: Restore key tip
$29D: Easy-finered loading
$29E: Detecting keypresses
$29F: Exclusive OR operator
$2A0: Cardco modification
$2A1: Screen scrolling
$2A2: Faster-running programs
$2A3: Gemini 10X paper sensor
$2A4: SFD 1001 disks
Louis F. Sander
Software Gallery12
White Lightning - A Graphics-Development System Based on Forth
Winter Games; Stunt Flyer; 1541 Disk Drive Alignment Program; Project: Space Station; The Original Boston Computer Diet; Success with Algebra Series
Susan Tanona
The Resource Center: Compilers in Education116
One of the best-kept secrets in the U.S. is that Commodore computers are ideal for educational applications. So, let's start speading the word. Through this column, we'll share ideas, methords, success or failure stories and suggestions on how to make the most of you Commodore inside and outside the classroom.
Margaret Morabito
Commodore Clinic120
Jim Strasma
Hardware Gallery136
Cartridge Expander; HomeWriter 10
Susan Tanona
Mail RUN140
RUN's 1985 Index142
New Product RUNdown148
Four from Free Spirit; Business Pro-Pack; PaperClip for the C-128; C-64 DMS; It's Coming; Fleet System 2; Investment Package; C-128 Cable; Double-O Funny; Flip-Flop Interface; Day of the Dolphin; Leart to Tickle the Ivories; More Print Shop Graphics; Scenery Disks
Harold R. Bjornsen
How to Type In Listings150
RUN Amok151
Corrections to Basic 4.5 (June, July and August 1985)
Coming Attractions151

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