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Cheryl Peterson

Magazine articles
Ahoy!Issue 21 (September, 1985)Reviews
 Issue 21 (September, 1985)Cadet's Column
 Issue 29 (May, 1986)Reviews
 Issue 29 (May, 1986)Cadet's Column: More BASIC Programming
 Issue 30 (June, 1986)Cadet's Column: Trusting into The Public Domain Software
 Issue 31 (July, 1986)Cadet's Column: What's Up, DOS?
 Issue 36 (December, 1986)Cadet's Column: Christmas Presents for Your Commodore
 Issue 36 (December, 1986)Reviews
 Issue 37 (January, 1987)Cadet's Column: Cadet's DOS Revisited
 Issue 39 (March, 1987)Amiga Section
 Issue 41 (May, 1987)Reviews
RUNVolume 2, issue 13 (December, 1985)CP/M and the C-128
 Volume 3, issue 1 (January, 1986)CP/M Treasure Trove

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