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Issue 42 (June, 1987)

Table of Contents
A View from the Bridge4
David Allikas
How to flush out the glog in Infoflow (April 1987).
Art Gallery32
An Amiga offering that's far from a meager offering.
Big Blue Reader CP/M; Record Master 128; Speedterm 128/64; The Accountant
Tips Ahoy!71
Little q bug; Truly free; F-key 9 & 10; Beat the clock; Partial hi-res; Prime numbers; Move it; Autodrive; Character mover; Screen divider
Problem #42-1: Internal deletion
Problem #42-2: Cliff hanger
Problem #42-3: Wildcard word
Problem #42-4: Double subber
Answers for #38-1: Parm pass, #38-2: Crafty comp.., #38-3: Alpha Sprite and #38-4: Maximum Square
Dale Rupert
Rupert Report: Megaflops and Microseconds20
Includes programs Jiffes and Switch Bounce
Dale Rupert
COMAL Column: It's Time to Decide39
Richard Harring
Entertaiment Software Section43
Strategy in Outer Space..; Killed until Dead; Murder Party; Hangman Roulette
C-64 to Amiga File Transfer51
Morton Kevelson
Amiga Section53
CLImate; Dos-2-Dos; Defender of the Crown
ALT-Key 12814
R. Harold Droid
Cleveland M. Blakemore
Tim Little
128 Multi RAM30
Buck Childress
Cave of the Ice Ape37
James C. Hilty
Power Squares41
John Fevor
Galactic Cab Co.63
Cleveland M. Blakemore
Bug Repellents82
Buck Childress
Gordon F. Wheat

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