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Volume 2, issue 10 (October, 1977)

Table of Contents
Relocatability and the Long Branch26
Robert J. Borrmann
An APL Interpreter for Microcomputers, Part 3: Mathematical Processing64
Mike Wimble
How to Implement Space Wars86
(or Using Your Oscilloscope as a Telescope)
Dave Kruglinski
Analyze Your Car's Gas Economy with Your Computer166
John P. Bauernschub
DeskTop Wonders: How to Write an Application Program18
William B. Jenkins
Othello, A New Ancient Game60
Richard O. Duda
An 8080 Simulator70
Kin-Man Chung
Fundamentals of Sequential File Processing114
Wayne D. Smith
C: A Language for Microprocessors?130
J. Gregory Madden
Simple Approaches to Computer Music Synthesis140
Thomas G. Schneider
Structured Program Design146
David A. Higgins
Computer Information Arrangement156
David Holladay
Mastermind has become one of the most popular games around these days. (Games and Puzzles magazine gave it their highest rating.) Among other applications, it is used by a number of computer companies to test the programming skills of potential empoyees. The game was originated by Invicta Plastics; Mastermind is a trademark of that firm. In its original form, this game of skill requres a mind, but no computer.
W. Lloyd Milligan
In This BYTE4
The Colorful Future of Personal Computing6
Carl Helmers
About the Cover .. and Some More of the Same22
Languages Forum: Defining LIL, a Little Interpretive Language30
Jack Cluff
Commodore's New PET Computer50
The NCC: A Dallas Delight54
Chris Morgan
Technical Forum: More on Inexpensive Plotters58
Michael W. J. Carmichael
Book Reviews160
Chess Skill in Man and Machine
Dennis Barbour
BYTE's Bits172
Multiplication; Music and Poetry by Computer?
An IEEE Hands-on Microcomputer Tutorial
The Microcomputer Connection
Raster Scan Graphics
The Midwest Affiliation of Computer Clubs' Convention
Ahem, AMI Makes a Sewing Machine LSI Control Ship
New Micro Interfacing Workshop
Programming Tidbit
BYTE's Bugs174
Correction for Interfaceing The IBM Selectric Keyboard Printer, June 1977
Clubs, Newsletters177
Ask BYTE184
What's New?190, 198
Digital Research Offers New Microcomputer Software (CP/M)
Tychon Introduces New 8080 Editor/Assembler (TEA)
BLOS and ZAPS (Operating systems from Algorithmics for 8080 and Z-80)
A Microprocessor Development Kit (MAX-11)
A Hardware and Software Catalog (Technical Design Labs)
LSM Engineering's New Text Editor and Operating System (EDIT and Small Operating System SOS)
New Plotter for Microcomputers (Axiom Corp.'s EX-810)
EPA Micro-68a Computer Now Available in Kit Form
A State(ment) of Flux
Programmable Gain Amplifier Card (Signal Labortories PGA)
National's New 16 Bit Microcomputer: the IMP-16L
IMSAI Offers New Microcomputer with One Megabyte Memory Capacity
Personal Computing Company Introduces ACI-33 Cassette Interface
MARQUIS, a New Video Display Unit from Dataview
A 3 Base Triple Play; News of Interest to "Computors" (SEI Publications' Small Business Computors)
A New Altair That Looks Different (Turnkey)
Industrial Users: Upgrade MDS-800 to Develop Z-80 Code
A New Way to Lable Integrated Circuit Pins (Adtech Inc.)
Power for Your Microcomputer (Century Industries Mighty 4000)
New Minicomputer Peridical Offered (Minicomputer Press Minicomputer Workbook)
Bally Introduces New Programmable Game Unit
OAE Announces New PROM Programmer (PP 2708/16)
Turn Your Microcomputer Into a Programmable Scientific Calculator (Artisan Electornics Model 85)
Analog Input Module (Burr-Brown MP20)
Innovex Introduces New Series 400 Floppy Disk Drives (Model 410, Model 420)
Nybbling Thinly Sliced Bytes (Texas Instruments S481)
A New Product Guide from RCA (MPG-180)
A Hand Held 4 Channel Logic Analyzer (Digital Broadcast, Inc.'s 45-B)
Periodical Guide to Computerists (E Berg Publications)
Is Your Computer System Half Baked? (The Computer Centre's Microcomputer Recipe Book)
Continental Specialities' New Catalog
A New Floppy from Digital Systems (FDC-1)
A New Printed Circuit Board for Experimenter (Midgard Electronics)
Acoustic Coupler (Anderson Jacobson A 242A)
A New Business Software and Hardware Package (Computer Mart of New Jersey)
A Lower Case Character Kit (Northern Valley Systems LC01)
Classfied Ads194
Reader Service208

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