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Chris Morgan

Magazine articles
BYTEVolume 2, issue 9 (September, 1977)Notes on anatomy: The Piano's Reproductive System
 Volume 2, issue 10 (October, 1977)The NCC: A Dallas Delight
 Volume 2, issue 11 (November, 1977)The TRS-80: Radio Shack's New Entry into the Personal Computer Market
 Volume 2, issue 12 (December, 1977)PC 77
 Volume 3, issue 2 (February, 1978)New York Notes
 Volume 3, issue 4 (April, 1978)Book Reviews
 Volume 3, issue 6 (June, 1978)Visit to an OEM Supplier: A Look at Shugart's New Fixed Disk Drive
 Volume 3, issue 9 (September, 1978)The NCC '78 Personal Computer Show
 Volume 6, issue 5 (May, 1981)Editorial: How Can We Stop Software Piracy?
 Volume 6, issue 10 (October, 1981)Editorial: Local Networks Are Buzzing
 Volume 6, issue 11 (November, 1981)Editorial: Can We Agree on Standards?
 Volume 7, issue 1 (January, 1982)Editorial: Of IBM, Operating Systems, and Rosetta Stones

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