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Volume 2, issue 11 (November, 1977)

Table of Contents
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Memory Mapped IO10
Steve Ciarcia
Using Interrupts for Real Time Clocks50
M. F. Smith
Does Anybody Know Time It Is?68
Robert D. Grappel
Adding an Interrupt Driven Real Time Clock72
James R. Sneed
Floating Point Arithmetic76
Burt Hashizume
Building a Computer from Scratch80
Hilary D. Jones
A 6502 Personal System Design: Kompuutar94
The design information included with this article, together with the excellent documentation provided by MOS Technology on the 6502 design, should be complete enough to enable the advanced experimenter to build a similar Kompuutar. The detail provided here cover a basic processor, but do not include a detail design of a programmable memory board which is a necessary part of a usable system. David Brader is currently working on an 8 K dynamic memory board, with invisible refresh, to be used in Kompuutar. The details of the wiring and construction of Kompuutar are shown in the several figures, tables and photographs, as well as listing 1.
David Brader
Implementing an LSI Frequency Counter146
Perry Lynne
SWEET16: The 6502 Dream Machine150
Stephen Wozniak
Do You Need the Real Time?166
Gregory A. R. Trollope
Simulation of Motion, Part 1: An Improved Lunar Lander Algorithm18
Stephen P. Smith
A Minicomputer Fair: Tiny and Personal26
Donald T. Piele
Spikes: Pesky Voltage Transients and How to Minimize Their Effects54
John McCain
NIMBLE: The Ultimate NIM?172
Irwin Doliner
In This BYTE4
Editorial: The Compleat Robotics Experimenter6
Carl Helmers
BYTE's Bugs37
Some Comments on 'An APL Interpreter for Microcomputers, Part 1'
BOMB Lands on APL38
The TRS-80: Radio Shack's New Entry into the Personal Computer Market46
Chris Morgan
Programming Quickies60, 197, 218
My Experiences with the 2650: A Report from Our 14 Year Old Correspondent66
Brian K. Moran
Ask BYTE145
Switching ROMs in the Fairchild F8 Evaluation Kit160
John C. Polonchak
BYTE's Bits162
An IEEE Microcomputer Course; Attention Canadian Readers... A First (Ever) Canadian Personal Computing Show
Technical Forum170, 168
Comments on Live Board Removal and Insertion
Relocatable Object Code Formats
A Response to "A Proposed Microprosessor Software Standard"
Technical Design Labs Relocatable Object Module Format
Comments on the TDL Relocatabale Loader Format
Languages Forum190, 220
Language Development: A Proposal
Comments on Peter Skye's Language Proposal
Notes on Floating Point and Critique of PL/Skye
What's Wrong with PASCAL, Mr. Skye?
Questioning APL
Suggestions for APL Optimization
Some Comments on "An APL Bigot Speaks"
GRAPLing with APL
Virtual Memory and VSAM for Micros
Book Reviews206
A Collection of Programming Problems and Techniques; The Thinking Computer: Mind Inside Matter; The Anatomy of a Compiler
Noel K. Julkowski, Dan Fylstra, Michael E. Sullivan
Clubs and Newsletters211
Classfied Ads226
What's New?228
A New Bar Code Scanner (Micro-Scan Corporation's Micro Scan); Shield and Seal for Real (Radcon Corporation); An Unregulated DC Power Supply for Microprocessor(s) (Standard Power Inc. SMP-30B); Attention APl Lovers... (MCM Computers' APL Microcomputer); Altair Offers Micrcomputer Timersharing (MITS Altair Timesharing BASIC); Attention Toronto Readers (Computer Mart); A Small Shank Electrc Drill from Wahl (ISO-TIP); A New General Purpose PC Board (OK Machine and Tool Corporation H-PCB-1); Data On the Cable? (OK Machine and Tool Corporation); New Additions to UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply Family (Semiconductor Circuits Inc.); National Upgrades SC/MP Electronics (National Semiconductor SC/MP-II); No Transients Allowed (Dyma Engineering's Dyma AC Line Surge Protector); A Single Chip Stepper Motor Drive (North American Philips Control Corporation SAA1027); A New Music System Program (Software Technology Corporation); Game Theory (Creative Computing's Computer Rage); A Slick Dress for KIM-1 (The Enclosures Group SKE 1-1); So You Want to Automate Your House (Wintek); 3000 Hole General Purpose Prototyping Board (Electronic Product Associates Inc. GP-2); Robot and Mechanisms Hackers (Artisan Electronics TO-5)
Systems: A Finished Product Concept (Vector Graphics Inc. Vector 1+); An LSI-11 Based Computer in a Suitcase (RDA Inc. PRD11); Andromedia's New Computer (Model 11/B); EPA's Microcomputer and Floppy Disk (Electronic Product Associates Inc. Micro-68b); North Star's New Computer (Nort Star Horizon); Attention London Computer Hackers (London's Computer Workshop); Gnat Leaps into Dual Minifloppy System (GNAT-PAC); A "Puzzling" New Development System (Ing Ernst Steiner's Puzzle); Z80 Microcomputer Boards (Zilog Inc. Z80-MCP, Z80-MDC and Z80-PMB/PROM); Wintek Module Line (Wince Micro Modules)
Memory: Will Memory Megalomania Newer Stop (Technico Inc. TEC-9900-MA); Attention Microprogrammed Computer Designers (Motorola Semiconductor Products M10800 family); Memory Module from MITS (Altair 16 kB); An LSI-11 EPROM Board (RDA Inc.); An EPROM Programmer (MicroPeripherals); Nonvolatile to the Core (Micro Memory Inc. MM-S100); A 16 K Bit EROM (Texas Instruments Inc. TMS2716); At the Frontiers of Silicon Technology (American Microsystems Inc.)
Publications: Motorola's New HEP Catalog; Is the Dragon a Phoenix (People's Computers); IEEE Offers Microprocessor Talks on Cassette; a SPecial Free Offer from Radio Shack (Archier Semiconductor Reference Handbook); Home Computer Books Available (Dilithium Press); Fenwal Offers a New Thermistor Manual
Software: PDP-11 Software Information Available (Digital Equipment Corporation Real-Time Systems); New Information for Sphere Owners (Programma Consultans); Ann Assembler/Text Editor for the KIM (Micro Software Specialists); A High Level Programming Language for the Motorola Microprocessors (Intermetrics Inc. PL/M6800); A Mini Word Processing System (The Software Store); Computerized Plotting (Sylvanhills Lab Inc.); TEMPOS, a Multitasking Operating System for MITS Computers (Administrative Systems Inc.)
Mass Storage: A 5100 System Mass Storage (Sykes Dataronics); A New Cassette Recorder Interface (DaJen Electronics); Floppy Disk Drive (General Systems International Inc.); A Dual Floppy Subsystem (Sykes Datatronics Series 9000); Attention Floppy Disk Correspondents.. (Curtis 1000 Disk-O-Mailer)
Peripherals: Do You Wnat to Draw Pictures on Your DIsplay? (Scientific Assesories Corporation Model GP-101); Sargent's New Altair (S-100) Prototype Board; A New Model Self-Scan from Burroughs; A 60 Character per Second Plotter (MITS Altair C700); Centronics Introduces High Speed Microprinter (Micro-1); Apple II Features Built-in Color Capability (Apple Computer Inc.); An Altair Bus Compatible Music Board (Newtech Computer Systems Inc. Model 6 Music Board); A CT-1024 Scroll Mod (Lenwood Computer Systems CT-1024); Several Gimix for the SwTCP 6800 Bus; New Terminal from TEI (Model MCS-PT); NEC "Spinwriter" Technology; A Selectric Interface for Microcomputers (The Center for the Study of the Future); Vido Display Memory Board for LSI-11 Systems (Computer Technology); A New Desktop Teleprinter Terminal for APL Users (Anderson Jacobson AJ860/A)
Reader Service256

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