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Volume 2, issue 1 (January, 1977): the small systems journal

Table of Contents
Making Hash with Tables18
Terry Dollhoff
How to Drive a Teletype without a UART32
Gregory C. Jewell
Saturation Recording's Not All That Hard34
David M. Allen
The Built-In Logic Tester82
Kurt W. Christener
Build the "Coffee Can Special" EROM Eraser91
Lawrence Burbey Jr.
Separate Your Sync92
David Rosen
Using Interrupts to Speed Up an ELM106
G. H. Gable
Watts Inside a Power Supply42
Gary Liming
Pick Up Basic by PROM Bootstraps50
Jim Kreitner
Black Friday56
Robert W. Baker
Types and Uses of Direct Access Storage60
Curt Hill
SYS 8.. Your Own Executive Commands66
Willard I. Nico
Computer Models for Board Games78
Russell R. Yost Jr.
A Computer Hobbyist Club Survey116
David Caulkins
In This BYTE2
Editorial: The Appliance Computer, Circa 19774
Carl Helmers
About the Cover11
Update on Machine Readable Printed Programs11
Book Reviews11
Computer Power and Human Reason: from Judgement to Calculation
Peter Travisano
What's New72, 84
A Hard Copy Gem (Anderson Jacobson Inc. AJ 841)
Apply Your Computer's BASIC (Scientific Research Instruments)
SWTP 6800 BASIC (Southwest Technical Products Corp.)
A Classy New Microcomputer System (EDC Corp. MicroMind)
Don't Wince at This Fantom (Wintek Corp. Fantom II)
PDP-8 Cross Assembers from Microprocessors (Sierra Digital Systems X8)
Want to Trun an S100 Bus Computer into a Number Cruncher? Use This Hardware Floating Point Board (North Star Computers FPB Model A)
Applications Oriented Computer Terminal (Hewlett-Packard HP-3070A)
An 8080 Subroutine Utility Package (Pragmatic Systems UT1)
Paper Tape Holder (CV Spinks)
Software New Product: BASIC, ETC (Binary Systems Inc)
The $600 Floppy Disk Drive (Ohio Scientific Systems OSI 470)
Watch for These in the Parts Markets (AVX Ceramics)
A "Super" Star Trek game in BASIC... (David Michell)
It's All a Plot to Enable You to Draw with Your Computer (Sylvanhills Laboratory Inc DFT-1 and DFT-2)
Active Filter Activities... (National Semiconductor AF100)
A Pointer (Vector Electronics Slit-N-Wrap)
The SOL Source (Processor Technology SOL Terminal Computer)
A Patented Logic Trainer Computer (LJ Broder Enterprises)
Attention Educators (And Everybody Else Intersetd in Computers (Terak 8510)
Plasma Displays, Anyone? (Burroughs)
Product Description: Tutorial Training Computer76
Software Bug of the Month: Answer to Software Bug 693
W. Douglas Maurer
Product Description: OSI94
Robert W. Baker
Classfied Ads96
BYTE's Bugs97
Identification Ambiguities?
Further RS-232C Comments
A Glitch Pair in Close Orbit (September)
And, Notes on Coversion
BYTE's Bits99, 104, 130
Call For Papers: ICCH/3
What Is It, 2
New Directions for Distributers
A Business Services Time Sharing Service
Consumber Notes... Collectors Items
Your Friendly Computer Store... The American Dream
Wonder About PDP-11s?
APL Enthusiasts Take Note
Some Candid Shots from PC 76100
Marj Kirk
Kil O'Byte114
Clubs, Newsletters115
Clubs, Newsletters Directory119
Ask BYTE140
Reader Service144

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