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Volume 2, issue 7 (July, 1977)

Table of Contents
How to Computerize Your Model Railroad12
David C. Brown
This Circuit Multiplies36
Tom Hall
The TV Oscilloscope52
Or, Some Notes on Building a Display AND Using It as a Syncronous Test Instrument to Debug Itself...
Ken Barbier
Speech Recognition for a Personal Computer System64
James R. Boddie
A Machine Code Relocator for the 808092
When it became necessary to insert a routine between locations x and x+1 in memory, I found myself with two miserable options for manual patches.
Leor Zolman
How Far - Which Way?118
Rene E. Pittet
Add Cursor Control to Your TVT II122
Thomas McGahee
Giving KIM Some Fancy Jewels126
Robert Grater
Condensed Reference Chart for the 680042
Robert J. Borrmann
A Train Control Display Using The LSI-11 Microcomputer44
Jack Hart
How to Pick Up a Dropped Bit72
Cassette tape and other magnetic tape recording without bit errors requires that we get our feet wet in the muryky waters of error correctiong codes...
W. Douglas Maurer
Give Your Micro a Megabyte78
Robert D. Grappel
An Introduction To Numbers82
Webb Simmons
BASICally BASIC - an informal introduction to BASIC96
Robert W. Baker
In This BYTE4
Editorial: This Elephant Never Forgets6
Carl Helmers
Random Observations and Conversations at the First West Coast Computer Faire25
Lawrence F. Willard
What's New?32, 115, 129
A New 16 Bit Personal Computer System (EBNEK Inc. EBNEK 77)
Polyphonic Music Generator Board (Stillman Research Systems SRS-320)
New Vector Catalog Available (Vector Electronic Company 1977 Catalog)
A New Microcomputer Seriers from CGRS (CGRS Microtech Inc. 6000 series)
Breadboards Available for PDP-11 and PDP-8/A Users (Douglas Electornics)
Attention Inviduals, Clubs and Computer Stores: An 8080 Octal Code Card Is Now Available (Tychon Inc.)
A New Way to Do Slit-N-Wrap (Vector Electronics Company P160-4T1)
IMSAI Brochure and Catalogue
Altair Bus Floppy (Synetic Designs Company FDS-2)
ASCII Keyboard Kit from Radio Shack (Archer ASCII Keyboard Encoder)
A New Multiplexed Analog IO Card for the Z-80 (Signal Laboratories Inc)
A Sophisticated New Small System (Microkit 8/16 Universal Microcomputer Development System)
On Line Shirtware (Martha Herman)
A New Drafting Aid forPrinted Circuit Layouts (Interrotech)
Badge Reader Module Announced (RD Products Inc Mark I)
A Tutorial Training Computer (Datac Engineering Datac 1000)
Attention LSI-11 People Wanting Mass Storage (Charles River Data Systems Inc FD11 Floppy Disk Add-On System for PDP-11 and LSI-11)
Portable Games (Hewlett-Packard Games Pac I)
Hewlett-Packard's Personal Computer (HP9831A)
Minidisk and Vertabim - New Products from ITC (Information Terminals Corporation)
Bite Analysis, Anyone? (Complot Application News)
A New Economical 6800 Software Package (Inpro Micro Systems' MIKADOS)
With a Small Floppy Disk, Where Does One Get Media? (ITC MD 525)
Not for the Casual Amateur, But... (H Dell Foster Company Traverscan)
Improving Your Memory (Extensys Corporation)
Voice Synthezires, Anyone? (MICOM Systems Voice Response System)
A Decimal Order of Magnitude Difference in Price (Paratronics Inc Model 100A Logic Analyzer)
Texas Instruments Introduces 12 Digit VLED Display Board
Two New DaJen Cassette Interfaces (UCRI and CRI-B)
A Source of Neat Ideas (Hewlett-Packard 2645A Display Station User's Manual)
A New Tutorial Kit from Motorola (Educator II)
Timesharing Software Listing Available (Gregory Research Associates)
A Processor Board with Expanded Features (Morrow's Micro-Stuff)
A New 6800 Microcomputer Evaluation Kit (Motorola MEK6800D2)
A New Prototyping Board (World Wide Systems)
Technical Forum34, 150
A Proposed Microprocessor Software Standard
APL Character Sets
Ask BYTE41
BYTE's Bugs57
A Structure Glitch, BYTE April 1977
Desk Top Wonders: Jeu de NIM, Peut Ítre?90
Alain Chance
Classified Ads124
Programming Quickies142, 166
Novel 8 Bit Multipication
BASIC Timing Delay
Book Reviews151
Scelbi's "6800" Software Gourmet Guide & Cook Book
Dr Dobb's Journal of Computer Calisthenics and Orthodontia
Fundamentals and Applications of Digital Logic Circuits
Jack Bryant, Michael P. Reardon
BYTE's Bits155, 158
ACM Pacific 77 Conference
Natiaonal Student Programming Contest
Attention Educators with a Message
Reparing Torn Paper Tapes
PAPERBYTES: Dr Welles' Economy Floppy Disk Drivers: Machine Readable Object Code156
Clubs, Newsletters160
Reader Service176

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