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Volume 2, issue 12 (December, 1977)

Table of Contents
A $19 Music Interface48
And Some Music Theory for Computer Nuts
Bill Struve
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: On a Test Equipment Diet? Try an 8 Channel DVM Coctail!76
Steve Ciarcia
Using The Polymorphics Video Interface130
Wayne Wenzlaff
Save Software: Use a UART For Serial IO164
Thomas McGahee
The Computers of Star Trek12
Kurt J. Schmucker, Robert M. Tarr
A Floppy Disk Tutorial24
Ira Jay Rampil
Jack and the Machine Debug91
..or Reading the Traces of the Wild Program
Robert D. Grappel, Jack Hemenway
Structured Programming with Warnier-Orr Diagrams, Part 1: Design Methodology104
David A. Higgins
Simulation of Motion, Part 2: An Automobile Suspension112
Stephen P. Smith
A Little Bit on Interrupts118
Robert R. Wier
Multiprogramming Simplified140
Irwin Lahasky
Where to Get Bargains in Used Computer Equipment154
Sol Libes
A Look at LISP156
Gary McGath
Relative Addressing for the 6800162
James P. Gaskell
A User's Report on the Intercept Jr186
Henry Lahore
In This BYTE4
Editorial: Is PASCAL the Next BASIC?6
Carl Helmers
Technical Forum: Undocumented M6800 Instructions46
Gerry Wheeler
Technical Forum: The XF and X7 Instructions of the MOS Technology 650272
H. T. Gordon
PC 7774
Chris Morgan
Get Your System Together84
John G. Whitney
Technical Forum: Comments on Paging Schemes143
James F. Gentry
Book Reviews146
Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics
Steven Fox
Programming Quickies148
A Number Guessing Game
BYTE's Bits149
Tecnical Note: Selectric Interfacing Experiences
A Note on Selectric Itnerfacing: A Magnet Driver Circuit
Siggraph 1978 Call for Papers
Ambiguous BOMBacity
A Little Contest
BYTE's Bugs151
A Small Hole in the APL: An APL Interpreter for Microcomputers, Part 3, BYTE October 1977
Clubs, Newsletters152
Stan Skoglund
A Note to Novice Kit Builders...192
What's New?193, 196, 204
Program Development System (Zilog)
8085 Processor Card (Space Byte)
New Aid for Machine Language Hackers (Vamp Inc. BOPA)
Two Ways to Convert Your TC to a Monitor (Vamp Inc. RFVM-1 and ACVM-1)
Attention Homebrewers: Roll Your Own Case with This Package (Buckeye Stamping Company Flex-i-pak)
New Power Supplies (Standard Power Inc. SPS-D and SPS-T)
6800 System Analyzer (Telcon Industries Inc)
Furniture for the Micro Age (Computer Systems Design)
Hard Copy from Digital Panel Meters (Digital Laboratories Model DPT-415)
A Quick Way to Panel Mount LEDs (Visual Communications Company)
If It's a Long Way from Your Terminal to Your Computer... (Data Set Cable Company)
In Isolation, RS232 and 20 mA Get Along (Connecticut Microcomputer)
This Wire Wrapping Kit is OK (OK Machine and Tool Corporation Model WK-3B)
Give a Jewel (ATRA Star Jewel)
Improvements in Solderless Breadboarding (AP Products Unicard)
Calculators: Everyone Should Learn Programming, TI Calculates
An Exotic Way to Tell Time (Hewlett-Packard HP-01)
RCA's New COSMAC Manual

New Clock Chip for 6800 Systems (Motorola Linear Products MCS6512)
Improved Version of 2708 from Intel (2758)
Full ASCII Character Set in a Byte Sized Dot Matrix (Texas Instruments TMS4710)
An 8 by 8 multiply in 100 ns (Monolithic Memories MMI67558)
How ABout a 1 bit Microprocessor (Motorola Integrated Circuits MC14500B)

MCM's Desk Top APL Computer (MCM Computers Inc System 700, Model 782)
A Chess "Mate" from Chafitz
A Real Word Processor (Computer Power and Light Inc COMPAL-80)
COSMAC Based Microcomputer Kit (Child Odyssey Enterprises Inc)
ICS Microcomputer Trainer (Integrated Computer Systems Inc)
Pre-assembled Motorola MEK6800D2 (Audio Engineering)
Z-80 Based System Features Support Boards (Martin Research's Mike 8)

Video Board for 6800 Systems (F & D Associates)
New Enclosres and Card Extender (Vector Electronics Co Inc VP1 and VP2)
First of a Series of Music Boards (ALF Products Inc 10-5-9 and 10-5-10)
16 K of EPROM on One Board (IBEX)
4 K 1702A EPROM Board (Aptec Inc)
Bit Status Display197
Greg Tomalesky
Classfied Ads222
Reader Service224

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