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Volume 2, issue 8 (August, 1977)

Table of Contents
Controlling Small DC Motors with Analog Signals18
Or, the Key to Making a realistic Lunar Lander Simulation Display
Leon Sweer, Thomas A. Dwyer, Margot Critchfield
Undestanding APL36
Kenneth E. Iverson
Here's APL in Action!44
David D. Keefe
An APL Interpreter for Microcomputers, Part 150
Mike Wimble
Serendipitous Circles70
D. John Anderson, William F. Galway
A Trapping Tecnique for the 8080158
John M. Schulein
A Microprocessor Course26
Mark E. Fohl
Prodct Description: COSMAC VIP, the RCA Fun Machine30
Joseph A. Weisbecker
Editorializing with Your Computer81
Gary McGath
Why People Get Hooked on APL108
Allen Atwood III
An 8 Digit Hexadecimal Readout114
R. R. Burns
Look What You Can Do.. With an Edge as a Cue120
Ralph Tenny
Processing Logical Expressions130
Or, how an ingenious extension of the Bauer-Samelson Algorithm allows us to compile efficient code for expressions involving "and," "or," "not" and relations among operands.
W. Douglas Maurer
Simple Algorithms for Calculating Elementary Functions142
John Rheinstein
In This BYTE4
Editorial: Comments on the Acquisition of Knowledge5
Carl Helmers
Technical Forum: An APL Update17
E. H. Anthony
The New Heathkit Computer Line86
On June 1 1977 we traved to the Heath Company's plant near Benton Harbor M1 to take part in the "Heath Computer Product Press Party." This was a gathering of people from various publications to preview the new product line which Heath is introducing to the general public at the Personal Computing 77 show in Atlantic City NJ at the end of August. The major features of the new Heath product line are best described by pictures supplied to us at the press party, along with notes based both on the press release and our expreiences.
Book Reviews102
BYTE's Bits129, 156
Getting Back to BASIC
Trenton Computer Festifal
An Intensive SHort Course on Personal Computers and Microcomputer-Based Business Systems
Attention Computer Store Owners
A New Toronto Store
A Presonal Computing Electronic News Service: the "Net" Worth of Space Age Journalism
What's New?138
A New Computer Package from Polymorphic Systems (POLY 88)
Parker Rolls into Microprocessor Game Market (CODE NAME: SECTOR)
A New Servocontrolled Cassette Transport (Memodyne Model 764)
An APL-compatible DECwriter (Digital Equipment Corp. LS120 DECwriter III)
A New Terminal Kit from SwTPC (Southwest Technical Products CT-64)
A Successor to the Teletype Model 33 (Teletype Corp. Model 43)
Circular Reasoning (E & L Pfeiffer Computer Products HEXADAISY)
Vector Announces New Enclosures (Vector Electronic Company VECTOR-PAK)
A New Microcomputer High Level Language Compiler (PennMicro SLAM)
Clubs, Newsletters147
Altair (S-100) Bus Interface New Products152
Speech Synthesizer (Computalker Consultans Model CT-1)
Vocal Input for Your Computer (Heuristics SpeechLab)
A Modular Graphics Subsystem (Matrox Electronic Systems ATL-256**2)
Instrumentation and Test with Personal Computer Bus (International Data Systems 88-UFC)
A High Resolution Text Display with Considerable Flexibility (Matrox Electronic Systems Model ALT-2480)
Two New Memory Boards (Advanced Microcomputer Products)
8 K Combined EROM and Volatile Memory Card (Mountain Hardware PROPROM)
A Frequency Meter Plug-In (Automated Industrial Measurements AIM-1005)
A Noteworthy New Board (Stillman Research Systems SRS-320)
Do You Have Some Data to Communicate? (DC Hayes Model 80-103A Data Communications Adapter)
And Now, an IEEE-488 Standard Bus Interface (Pickles & Trout BDPIO)
Attention Altair Bus Experimeters... (CMC Marketing)
Classified Ads170
Reader Service176

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