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Volume 2, issue 9 (September, 1977)

Table of Contents
SCORTOS: Implementation of a Music Language12
Hal Taylor
Control the World! (Or at Least a Few Analog Ports)30
Steve Ciarcia
A Sampling of Techniques for Computer Performance of Music62
Hal Chamberlin
Tune in with Some Chips84
Ted B. Sierad
An APL Interpreter for Microcomputers, Part 2: Evaluation Expression126
Mike Wimble
A New Dress for KIM26
R Travis Atkins
Expanding the Tiny Assembler44
Increasing Function without Building More Memory
Jack Emmerichs
One-Sided View of Wire Wrap Socket54
Ira Jay Rampil
System Description: The Noval 760102
This is the designer's view of a new product which represents one of the most complete ready to run computer packages seen to date. Introduced with a 4 page advertisement in June 1977 BYTE, this manufacturer's product description provides some more detailed information for readers' inspection and evaluation.
Lane T. Hauck, James D. Nash
Notes on Interfacing Pneumatic Player Pianos112
Carl Helmers
Notes on anatomy: The Piano's Reproductive System122
Chris Morgan
Walsh Functions: A Digital Fourier Series190
Benjamin Franklin Jacoby
In This BYTE4
Editorial: Reflections on Entry into Our Third Year6
Carl Helmers
Aphanumeric Music25
Product Description: Recognition for Heuristics SpeechLab50
Rick Parfitt
Technical Forum: Personal Computer Network59
Dan Fylstra
Technical Forum: Adding New Transcendentals to Limited BASICs61
Vince A. Sempronio
Technical Forum: On Finite State Machines and Their Uses184
Gerald Owens
Technical Forum: Comments on Floating Point Representation185
R. A. Baker
Ask BYTE97
What's New?110, 210, 216
Microsoft Announces 8080 FORTRAN IV Compiler (FORTRAN-80)
A New Catalog from E & L Instruments (The Complete Bugworks Catalog)
How to Sell Your Product (Schoonmaker Associates' The Handbook on Marketing for Electrical Engineers)
Prototype Cards for SWTPC 6800 Bus (Personal Computing Company)
Computer Warehouse Store Catalog
A Self Refreshing 4 Channel Digital to Analog Converter (Pinnacle Products)
The Noval 760 Operating Manual
A New Wire Dispenser-Stripper for Wire Wrap and Other Applications (OK Machine and Tool Company)
Data General Enters the Personal Computer Market (Micro-NOVA)
Digital Equipment's Comments on the Heathkit H11
A time Kit for HP-45 Owners (Egbert Electronics)
A New Bar Code Reader (Jeffersonville Engineering Co.)
A New Chip on the Block (SMC Microsystems CRT 5027 Video Timer-Controller)
New Printer Features Novel Printing Technique (Axiom Corp. EX-800)
Bell & Howell Offers New Microprocessor Course
New Learn-at-Home Electronic Circuits Course from Heath (EE-3104)
Cassette Terminal Interface for SwTPC 68000 Operates at 120 bps (PerCom Data Company CIS-30+)
A New Analog Multiplier Series (Analog Devices AD534)
Mini-L Loran-C Receiver Announced (R W Burhans)
Get Some Pizza Mind (FasFax Corp. MARK III Big Stan)
Small Business Software from Syncro-Sound
A New Smart Terminal from Conomy Terminals (Model ET1)
A Most Useful Catalog (Minicomputer Accessories)
BYTE's Bits166, 200
International Symposium on Microcomputers, Personal and Home Computers
Dr Iverson's "Thought Experiment" Answered
TSC's Software Catalog...
Personal Computing Expo Sets Inaugural NY Show for October 28 thru 30
Computer Shack is Reborn (as "Computerland")
Some Candid Photos Shot in Benton Harbor
NYU Conference; Cash Grants Offered for Surveys of Progress in Robotics
Signs of Maturity?
Houston Personal Computing Faire
BYTE's Bugs172
Super Bug #1: Jeu de NIM, Peut Etre?, BYTE July 1977
Blackjack Bug: SR-52 Card BLACKJACK, BYTE June 1977
A Sour Note in "Sweet Auto Line", BYTE February 1977
Clubs, Newsletters186
Book Reviews202
CMOS Cookbook
Dan Fylstra
Classfied Ads222
Reader Service224

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