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Volume 4, issue 11 (November, 1983)

Table of Contents
Microsystems Reviews: The New 16-Bit Super Microcomputers36
A comparative look at the Intel 80286, Motorola 68000, and National 16032
William G. Wong
Microsystems Reviews: The CompuPro CPU-68K62
Dave Hardy, Ken Jackson
The CompuPro System 8/16 Model 86/87 Computer64
Andrew L. Bender
An Introduction to Local Area Networks: Part II70
William G. Wong
Zenith Low-Profile Z-100 Computer System100
Dave Hardy, Ken Jackson
Extended Memory Management for Older S-100 Computers106
How one S-100 owner went about breaking the 64K barrier
Andrew L. Bender
Nevada Fortran from Ellis Computing114
For $29, how good is it?
David L. Dupuy
Some Notes on Microsoft Fortran-80118
Robert S. Minnis
Editor's Page8
Sol Libes
News and Views13
Random Rumours; New SIG/M Software; Xenix Goes Commerical; Osborne woes;
Chapter 11 bancruptcy; DRI vs. Microsoft
Sol Libes
The S-100 Bus18
Dave Hardy
The UNIX File24
In the Public Domain30
Chris Terry
Letters to the Editor32
Software Directory122
New Products130

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