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Volume 4, issue 10 (October, 1983)

Table of Contents
An Introduction to Local Area Networks: Part I26
William G. Wong
A Low-Cost Local Network for Microcomputers34
William G. Wong
CP/NET: The CP/M Network Operating System46
William G. Wong
Bubble Memory for the S-100 Bus56
Bilding a magnetic bubble memory system's easiar than you think. Here are the complete hardware and software details.
Randy Reitz
Use the New Radio Shack Portable Computer with a CP/M System74
Bill Machrone
Write a Menu-Drive Utility to Set Printer Options78
Robert Lafara
A North Star Improved80
Making a 61K CP/M system out of a 56K North Star Horizon
John H. Gillespie
QBAX: An Incremental Backup Utility84
Copy only those files changed since the last backup; keep a sharp eye on the archive status of all files
David Fiedler
S-Basic: A Structured Basic Compiler86
Timothy J. Parker
A Z80 Random Number Generator90
Get 16-bit random numbers from the Z80 refresh counter
Robert Zimmerer
Hiding Machine Code in REMs94
Dennis Brewer
A Machine Code Loader for MBasic-8098
Larry Costa, Steve Leibson
Single-Density Disk Formatting102
Increase storage capacity with the FD 1771 floppy disk controller
Robert Lurie
8080 Operation of the CCS 2422 Disk Controller106
Bill Kibler
Relocating Assemblers and Linkage Editors: Part II114
Andrew L. Bender
Run the Parallel MX-80 with North Star 5.2DQ126
Oliver C. Stokes Jr.
A Directory of User Groups130
Don Libes
Editor's Page8
Sol Libes
News and Views10
Sol Libes
In the Public Domain13
Chris Terry
The CP/M Bus16
Anthony Skjellum
Letters to the Editor20
Software Directory134
New Products144

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