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Volume 5, issue 7 (July, 1984)

Table of Contents
Computer Graphics Technologies42
An overview of current graphics output technologies
Alan P. Matthews
An Introduction to NAPLPS54
A programmers approach to NAPLPS, with a hands-on example
David McCune
Graphics on the DEC, PRO 350, NCR PC, and Mindset66
Graphics and computing power on three notable systems
David Fournier
Graphics Portability with Digital Research's GSX74
A step toward a graphics standard: how to use GSX
William G. Wong
NAPLPS Directory85
David McCune
Color Graphics for Any Computer with the VectorScan 51292
An RS-232 color graphics peripheral
Ron Lusen
Better Color with the Princeton Graphics HX-12106
Composite vs. RGB video, and a review of the HX-12 color monitor from Princeton Graphics
Andrew L. Bender
Build a NAPLPS System110
Using Quickpel, Createx, and Videophile together
David McCune
PL/I-86 from Digital Research124
This micro standard is now available for both CP/M-86 and PC-DOS
Andrew L. Bender
Editor's Page6
Microcomputer graphics: the need for standards
Mark Rollins
News & Views10
Sol Libes
S-100 Bus16
Building your own S-100 computer; sepeeding up front panel circuits; Mitsubishi half-height 8" drives
Dave Hardy
MS-DOS Window21
Concurrent DOS 3.0 from DRI; Master Media; and "freeware"
Hank Kee
The UNIX File24
Portability of UNIX software, a UNIX tally, and services on the net
Ian F. Darwin
The CP/M Bus30
Using the NMI with DDR
A brief review of the CP/M Companion
Chris Terry, Gregor Owen
Letters to the Editor37
In the Public Domain40
File manipulation utilities
Chris Terry
Software Directory128
New Products136

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