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Volume 9, issue 9 (August, 1984): Special Issue: Guide to the IBM PCs

Table of Contents
IBM and Its Personal Computers1
Phil Lemmons
INTRODUCTION: The Array of IBM Personal Computers 9
Matching Machines to Computing Requirements 
IBM Personal Computers at a Glance10
IBM Forecast: Market Dominance30
IBM's array of follow-up products and enhancements for the PC means it is here to stay.
Michael Killen
STALWARTS:The IBM Personal Computer, PC XT, Portable and PCjr. 41
Machines Within the Machines: Operating Systems 
A Tale of Two Operating Systems42
Confused about virtual memory operating system in the new XT/370? Compare it to Microsoft's PC-DOS.
Charles Daney
The Future of UNIX on the IBM PC59
With Unix available for the XT, the question is not how to emply it, but how soon.
Ralph A. Phraner
Five Window Managers for the IBM PC59
Multiple windows, mouse pointing devices, and multitasking envornments for your IBM PC.
John Markoff
Manners of Speaking: Programming Languages 
Two Logos for the IBM PC91
Two Logos, one by Digital Research and another from IBM, share many features, but choosing the better package proves difficult.
Morton Goldberg
The Logical Record Keeper: PROLOG on the IBM125
This very high-level language makes it easy to program knowledge-itensive tasks.
James L. Weiner
An Introduction to PC Assembly Language Programming134
How to program the 8088
William J. Claff
Ways of Writing: Applications and Programming 
Technical and Business Graphics on the IBM PC155
A quick look at some spreadsheets and graphics packages in a crowded field.
Jack Bishop
Word Processing Revisited165
A review of five new versions of familiar WP packages for the IBM PC - WordStar, Word, pfs:Write, MultiMate, and FinalWord.
Janet Cameron
Update on Six Database Managers187
A comparison of six popular DBMSs for the IBM PC.
Dave Kruglinski
Evaluating 8087 Performance on the IBM PC197
Saving time in engineering and business is easy if you choose the right translator.
Stephen S. Fried
EXTRA POWER FOR SPECIAL NEEDS: IBM's XT/370, 3270 PC, and S9000 209
The Micro as Mainframe/The Mainframe as Micro 
The IBM XT/370 Personal Computer210
A qualified success, IBM's XT/370 represents a genuine advance in desktop computing.
Ernest Sabine
Number Crunching on IBM's New S9000218
IBM joins with MIT's Nanional Magnet Lab to develop spectrometers for imaging systems.
David J. States
The Mainframe Connection: IBM's 3270 PC231
High-quality graphics and multihost communications characterize IBM's 3270 PC.
Larry Augustin
Maximizing the PC Family: Communications and Compability 
Modems: The Next Generation238
New modems, with call-progress signal detection, alternate voice and data using smart interfaces.
Mark Klein
Moving Data Between PCs and Mainframes248
Moving shared data around once you access it is still a problem in an industry without standards.
Jay Siegel
Testing for IBM PC Compability256
Determining how compatible a computer is compared to the IBM PC has now been simplified with two new programs.
Robert A. Stillman Jr.
What's New266

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