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Volume 3, issue 6 (June, 1978)

Table of Contents
A Programmable Character Generator, Part 2: Software14
Larry Weinstein
A Programmable IC Tester28
Mark Thorson
More Music for the 6502140
Tom C. O'Haver
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Add a Voice to Your Computer for $35: Talk to Me!142
Steve Ciarcia
A Theatrical Lightning Graphics Package153
William Hemsath, James Seawright, Emmanuel Ghent, Mimi Garrard
GRAPH: A System for Television Graphics, Part 2158
Last month, John Webster and John Young's article (page 62) on GRAPH, a television graphics package for the VDM-1 and other memory mapped video displays, began a discussion which we continue with the ditail discussion of program functions. Listing 1 provides the detail 8080 code for the program. We continue the table number seguence begun in part 1.
John Webster, John Young
Adding a Virtual Tape Loop: Audio Processing with a Microprocessor166
Tom C. O'Haver
Natural Language Processing and Small Systems38
Harry Tennant
Give an Ear to Your Computer: A Speech Recognition Primer for Computer Experimenters56
Bill Georgiou
The HP-67 and HP-97: Hewlett-Packard's Personal Computers112
Craig A. Pearce
Notes on Teaching with Microcomputers138
William H. Norton
Visit to an OEM Supplier: A Look at Shugart's New Fixed Disk Drive174
Chris Morgan
In This BYTE4
Editorial: Memory: The Growth of a Resource6
Carl Helmers
BYTE's Bugs94
Caught Microprocessor Programming (Take a Course in Microprogramming, March 1978)
Bug Bug (Bugs, March 1978)
Moving Violation (November 1977)
BYTE's Bits100
ACM Seeks Nomination for Annual Grace Murray Hopper award
Carnegie-Mellon Sponsors a Workshop
Haward University Announces Internation Computer Graphics Week
Nation Bureau of Standards Symposia: Microcomputers
MUMPS Group to Meet in San Francisco
What Might Be Called CAHCE's On Line Graffitti (COG)
Bulletin Board System
Survey Contest Results
Ask BYTE105
Clubs, Newsletters106
Programming Quickies: Those Calculating Romans109
Laurence G. Dishman
Book Reviews118
Z-80 Programming Manual
Motorola 6800 Microprocessor Course
David Clapp, Phil Hughes
Languages Forum122
An APL Interpreter: Further Thoughts
The Importance of Choice of Languages
Toward a Common Pseudocode for Expression of Programs
Tom Brightman, I. R. MacCallum, Richard Wingerter
Technical Forum128
Big Disks Must Be Managed Properly
On Converting 60 Hz VDM-1s to 50 Hz Line Current
The Need for Relocating Loaders
Speeding Up MIKBUG IO Routines
Beware Compromising the Stack Pointer
Charles A. Rovira, Timothy Mowchanuk, K. P. Pielmeier, T. W. Moore, Tom Pittman
What's New?178
Unclassified Ads206
Reader Service208

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