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Volume 6, issue 5 (May, 1981): Software piracy

Table of Contents
Extended Color BASIC for the TRS-80 Color Computer36
Fast, easy and inexpensive graphics are finally available for personal computers with this new system from Radio Shack.
Stan Miastkowski
The Commodore VIC 20 Microcomputer: A Low-Cost, High-Performance Consumer Computer46
The VIC 20 has color, sound, graphics and expandability, and sells for $299,95.
Gregg Williams
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: DC Motor Controls: Build a Motorized Platform46
Appropriate circuits can very precisely control permanent-magnet DC motors.
Steve Ciarcia
Washington Tackles the Software Problem128
Recent court decisions pave the way for more software protection against piracy.
Christopher Kern
Legal Protection for Computer Hardware and Software140
An overview of partents, copyrights, and trade secrets, and how they relate to computer software and hardware protection.
Stephen A. Becker
Wire-Wrapping and Proto-System Techniques152
Construction of homebrew designs is greatly aided by the complete wire-wrapping systems from Vector Electronics.
Adolph Mangieri
Speeding Up TRS-80 Graphics171
Improve the response time of BASIC graphics displays on your TRS-80.
Ronald Bobo, John Knoderer
An Integer Math Package for the 8080204
These routines are useful when you need arithemitc operations on signed 16-bit number.
Bruce D. Carbrey
Using Interrupts on the Apple II System280
The use of interrupts in the 6502 microprocessor is demonstrated using an Apple II.
George M. White
Digital Plotting with the Apple II Computer296
Interface an x,y plotter directly to an Apple II with a minimum of hardware.
Richard C. Hallgren
Recursion and Side Effects in Pascal316
The use of global and local variables can change how program works.
Robert Morris
DEMONS: A Symbolic Debugging Monitor326
Debug your machine-language programs for 6800-based systems using instruction mnemonics.
A. I. Halsema
Build a Super Simple Floppy-Disk Interface, Part 1360
Ten integrated circuits can provide all the features of a commercial disk controller at a fraction of the cost.
James Nicholson, Roger Camp
A File Catalog System for UCSD Pascal408
Keep track of all those scattered files with this organization system.
Edward Heyman
Numerical Methods In Data Analysis436
Gauss-Jordon elimination and the Newton-Raphson method can be used to find the function curve that best fits a set of empirically determined data.
Toan C. Nguyen
The Epson MX-22 and MX-70 Printers22
Kevin Cohan
BYTE's Arcade106
Star Raiders; Super Nova; Tranquility Base; Asteroids in Space and Planetoids
Gregg Williams, Bob Liddil, Robin Moore, Oliver Holt
Dancing Demon from Radio Shack148
Elizabeth Cooper, Yvon Kolya
Super STEP248
Stanley D. Robbins
Mark Dahmke
Editorial: How Can We Stop Software Piracy?6
Chris Morgan
System Notes: Improve TRS-80 Disk Operation: Add an External Data Separator102
Ken Kline
System Notes: Faster BASIC for the Ohio Scientific236
John A. Sauter
Programming Quickies122, 430
Using Page Two with Apple Pascal Turtle Graphics
Printf for the C Function Library
Education Formu: Getting Problem-Solving Advice From a Computer186
Desk-Top Wonders: A Cheeboard Jorney on the TI-59 Programmable Calculator198
Technical Forum228,378,452,458
Print Your Own Bar Codes: UPC Bar Codes With the Centronics 737
PAPERBYTE Bar Codes with Integral Data System Printers
Favorite Benchmarks and Other Programs
Build a Noise-Based Random-Number Generator
Fast Fourier Comes Back
BYTE's Bugs232, 252
Book Reviews244, 380
Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics, 2nd Edition
Travels in Computerland, or Incompatibilities & Interfaces
BYTE's Bits278, 428
Ask BYTE384
Software Received394
Books Received398
Clubs and Newsletters404
Event Queue447
What's New?463
Unlassified Ads510
BOMB, BOMB Results511
Reader Service512

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