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Volume 7, issue 1 (January, 1982): The IBM Personal Computer

Table of Contents
The Atari Tutorial, Part 5: Scrolling26
Chris Crawford
A Closer Look at the IBM Personal Computer36
Gregg Williams
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Analog Interfacing in the Real World72
Steve Ciarcia
MIKBUG and the TRS-80, Part 2: A File Transfer and Debugging Package100
Robert Labenski
User's Column: Operating Systems, Languages, Statistics, Pirates, and the Lone Wolf132
Jerry Pournelle
Build a Joystick A-to-D Converter for the TRS-80 Model I or III, Second in a Series160
William Barden, Jr.
Troubleshooting with Electronic Signatures190
Kenneth M. Piggott
Memory Expansion for the ZX-80216
Hilton K. Ernde
An 8080-Based Remote Appliance Controller239
David C. Staehlin
Clocked Interrupts for the COSMAC Elf304
Gary H. Price
COSMAC EPROM Programmer344
Dan Rubis
An Apple Talks with the Deaf366
Ned W. Rhodes
An Effective Text-Compression Algorithm397
David Cortesi
Structured Programming in BASIC410
Mark Sobell
The GEOSAT Program420
Steve Emmett
Hardware Review: The RCA VP-3301 Data Terminal123
Tim Daneliuk
System Review: SD Systems' Z80 Starter Kit332
Wayne Angevine
Editorial: Of IBM, Operating Systems, and Rosetta Stones6
Chris Morgan
Technical Forum: Floppy-Disk Performance114
N. Yalirakis
Education Forum: AC Motor Control - Simple Algorithms and and Hardware118
Jostein Nyberg
Programming Quickies: Thirty More Days to Faster Input186
Edward M. Roberts
Technical Forum: Analyze Audio by Visualizing206
Thomas Phillips
System Notes: Accidental Reset Protection for the Apple II234
Greg DeWilde
Sol Libes
System Notes: Add a Peripheral Interface Adapter to Your Apple II324
Kenneth J. Ciszewski
Books Received387
Event Queue388
Clubs and Newsletters393
Software Received394
Ask BYTE404
Steve Ciarcia
Product Description: CMOS: Memory with a Future - Ideas Behind CompuPro's RAM 17416
Craig Anderton
Technical Forum: Z80 Starting Address - One Jump Further433
Steven Lemmen
System Notes: SOFTIM - A Software Timer436
Dan Terpstra
What's New440
Unclassified Ads494
Reader Service495
BOMB, BOMB Results496

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